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The CRUSADE Channel is our 24/7, Premium, all Original Content, Talk-Radio Station built for Listeners, not advertisers. All CRUSADE hosts pursue our Mission "To Defend Transcendent Truth Always in All Ways."

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The Mike Church Show has been provoking radio audiences since 1992 & remains the Longest Running Talk-Show in Satellite Radio's History. Mike serves daily doses of The Founding Father's Red Pill from 05:00-11:00 a.m.

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Radio used to be the primary source for family entertainment. The True Features Channel revives that for modern listeners without abandoning Traditional principles; offering long-form features for the whole family at home or on the go.

The Founder's Pass Membership Is The Only Way To Enjoy The Veritas Radio Network & Our Members Are Dedicated To Our Mission.

I became a crusader because you [Mike Church], and your program[the Mike Church Show], are worth it. From heartfelt and impassioned pleas for your listeners to educate themselves, to the soundbites of Monty Python, you have drawn me in, engaged me, and moved me to question. I have seen you speak live, and I have often thought of driving from my home in Texas over to Mandeville just to drink a beer, smoke a stogie, and eat some barbecue. Listening to you is the closest thing I get to listening to a long held friend who shares the same interests that I do. Now that my die is cast, I can start examining your cohorts. I hope they will live up to the high standard that you have set.

The Mike Church Show is the BEST show on radio-PERIOD

Ryan Campbell CRUSADER!

I am a carryover from the old staton in the old country. I started listening to Mike in 2008, when I got my first satellite radio. It has been an amazing journey to say the least. In 2015 when the Veritas Radio Network was started I signed up as a founding brother. When it was time to renew in 2016 I upgraded to founding father because I am certain that the challenge that Mike has undertaken in promoting "The True, The Good, and The Beautiful" on the Veritas Radio Network is a worthy and blessed cause.

Episode 45 of Reconquest The Holy Rosary with Sister Marie Therese was very inspirational to me. So much, that I took Brother Andre Marie's invitation as a “non-Catholic" to request a rosary from him, and have begun to pray The Rosary following the primer included.

Mark carkhuff Founding father

The Veritas Radio network is truely the best network out there.

I used to listen to Mike on XM and was extremely happy to find him after he left there. I enjoy the show and am just getting to know the other shows as well. If you have not purchased Humility of Heart, you don't know what you are missing. It has made a profound effect on my life and I recommend it to all.

Greg Taylor Founders pass

One of the finest and most informative 45 minutes I have spent - period. Where can you go and get access to that much intellect, humor, and catechism except your show. Anthony Esolen is a blessing for all of us. I cannot imagine having someone like him as a professor. I only spent $.23 today to sit in on his class. God bless you Mike.

The Mike Church Show

Bill Mccomb founding brother

“Midder” Church,

It’s been great listening to you these past few months. Your conversion story is touching and encouraging. Hearing you is such a wonderful reprieve from the experiences of my daily life. I am a college student, and all around me is love of fornication, love of money, and love of self. Finding you has been my reprieve from all this, I've learned more in 1 year from researching the Truth and listening to your show on my own than 12 years of Catholic education ever taught me.

Please keep your show going strong.


Nick Listener-Founder's Pass Member

Without a doubt the most honest and truth seeking lineup of hosts that is available today. In fact, in the 43 years that God has graced me to walk upon his Earth, I have not heard or seen such a concentrated wealth of simple logic and critical thought in one place.

I have been listening to Mike Church for the past 9 years, and dropped my subscription to the old country the day after they foolishly let him go. I'm still listening and as long as Mike continues to be a purveyor of the truth, I shall be listening.

Trying to pick a favorite episode of the Mike Church show is like asking me what is my favorite single malt....Truth be known, I love them all.

Niko Sarris Monthly Founders Pass Member


I found your show on Sirius eight or nine years ago. I enjoyed the entertainment value and the "right" leaning view point, however, I was often upset with you and your frequent guest, Mr. Ron Paul, because you would challenge my built in neo-con views towards our great military industrial complex, but I was always fascinated by the conversation. I lost your show when I no longer had access to SiriusXM Radio. I recently bought a new car that had SiriusXM again and the first thing I did was try and find your show, but you were gone! I searched the internet and found you on Veritas. I would download the preview podcast on my iPhone and listen on way home from work always wondering what in the world was a “Bernie Sanders listener". Then I realized I was a Bernie! me! So I immediately purchased a founders pass monthly subscription, even though I could still only listen to the preview podcast on my commute. Now with the updated app I can download all the episodes I want, and the way you have separated the segments is fantastic! I’m really glad I purchased the Founders Pass. It's much better than the $7.99 I was wasting on Hulu. I would encourage anyone to do the same. I cant wait to hear the Spirit of '76 stuff when its available True Features. Oh, and one last thing, your operations staff (including yourself) are amazing! I’ve had a couple minor issues that needed attention and you guys were fast to correct them. The greatest service I've ever seen, thank you. tell your friends people! Join the CRUSADE! Keep up the great work Mike,




You'll gain INSTANT ACCESS to all the original CRUSADE Channel content we've stockpiled since our launching including every episode of the Mike Church Show, Brother André Marie's "ReConquest" and the Mark Kreslins Show, plus all the full-length features on our True Features Channel including Steve Cooks' dramatized version of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol!

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