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Announcing: CRUSADE Channel News, Coming In June!

22 May, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel Announces: CRUSADE Channel News! The internet’s boldest, all-original radio station adds homegrown news to its programming. Mandeville, LA – The Veritas Radio Network is adding an all-original, hourly newscast to its original programming offerings which include The Mike Church Show. The newscast will focus on gathering and reporting news from sources either ignored or under-valued by “mainstream media” outlets. Newcomer Celeste Youngblood will helm the CRUSADE Newsdesk and deliver her hourly reports from 06:00 a.m. CDT to 06:00 p.m. CDT, Monday – Friday. “We are fortunate to have Celeste join us as the anchor of our CRUSADE News casts” said VRN founder Mike Church “she brings a zeal for the Truth and timeliness to the issues our listeners want to stay abreast of and she has a charming, good-humored delivery.” “It is simply a blessing to participate in[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Announcing The Great Golden Truth Ticket, Car Giveaway!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE RADIO STATION REVIVES MORNING ZOO RADIO WITH NEW CAR GIVEAWAY Mandeville, LA , 1 February, 2017 – On Wednesday, February 1, 2017 the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel is bringing old-school, 70’s and 80’s style listener contests to broadband, internet delivered radio, for the first time ever. In a contest called The Great Golden Truth Ticket Sweepstakes the CRUSADE Channel will employ one of the oldest gimmick/“you must listen to win this awesome prize”, big-prize giveaways in the book. Download the pdf version of this statement The station is not doing this on the cheap either with a Trump Chiapet or jelly of the month club as the grand prize, no sir, listeners will compete for the right to win  a brand-new, 2017, Kia Soul car! The founder of the Veritas Radio Network and CRUSADE Channel mornin-show host, Mike Church (host of the longest running radio talkshow[continue exploring the Truth…]

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LIVE Coverage of The Coronation of Margaret Sanger’s Heir, Mrs. Clinton at the DNC

Mandeville, LA – The CRUSADE Channel WILL offer listeners the Coronation speech of Mrs. Clinton on Thursday evening. The CRUSADE Channel will NOT offer our listeners access to the certain near occasions of sin via apologetics for: • Abortion. • Gender dysphoria. • Public promotion of homosexuality (we regret not pre-empting Peter Thiel’s “coming out” speech on Thursday evening at the RNC), bisexuality and Adultery via the “B” part of LGBTQ. • Lying under oath and perjury. • Witchcraft • Demonology through the false witness, promotion and invocation to “God”.

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Our CRUSADE Studios Have Now Been Officially Blessed! Media Evil Has Been Notified.

Mandeville, LA – On Monday, 11 July, 2016, Roman Catholic Priest Father Jeffrey Jambon stopped by the CRUSADE Channel studios and performed a Latin Rite blessing for an office building, made canonical in 1902. Father Jambon, blessed Studio D, B and C, Studio D is the home of the CRUSADE Channel’s flagship show The Mike Church Show. Father also administered the Rite of Exorcism over a St Benedict’s medal (Mike wears a St Benedict Crucifix under his trademark Oxford shirt, bow-tie and vest. Thanks to Father Jambon of the FSSP for his services, Deo gratias!

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Introducing Suzanne Sherman, Host of The “The Suzanne Option”

Mandeville, LA – We are happy to introduce a brand new show to Veritas Radio Network….The Suzanne Option with host Suzanne Sherman.  She has hosted the Mark Kreslins Show and the Michael George a few times and did such a fabulous job we thought, why not give her a show?!  So here it is! The Suzanne Option on the all new Veritas Radio Network DEBUTES on May 19, 2016 @ noon cst Weekly Show Schedule: Thursdays @noon cst –  LIVE Fridays @ noon cst    –   LIVE What will the show be about?  Suzanne will discuss “Living Off The Grid With Children” from her Mountain Hideaway in Utah.  Suzanne will discuss the obstacles her and her sons had to overcome with the adjustment from city life to country life.  If you have ever wondered if YOU could live without minute to minute technology, this is the show for you!  Give[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Jeffrey Tucker: Anarchist’s guide to hacking our minds for economic freedom

Mandeville, LA – LISTEN LIVE CLICK HERE Friday April 22nd @ 12 NOON CENTRAL on Jeffrey Tucker Director of Digital Development at, founder of, and research fellow  joins Kurt Wallace to discuss how society, government regulations and politics have altered the job and career landscape in the US. He shares ways to get an edge in the marketplace with tips on job interviewing and entrepreneurship. Tucker explains why his techniques include hacking our own minds to become independent of market influences. This is an interview you won’t hear anywhere else! CLICK HERE TO HEAR ARCHIVES OF THE FLOW 

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PRESS RELEASE-The Mark Kreslins Show To Air LIVE on Veritas’s CRUSADE Channel

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Mandeville, LA – The Veritas Radio Network is proud to announce its second, full-time, LIVE radio talk show, The Mark Kreslins Show, airing weekday mornings from 06:00-08:00 a.m. weekday mornings on Veritas’s CRUSADE Channel. Kreslins brings a lifetime of political activism including working in Congress for Rep. George Wortley (R-NY) and Rep. Richard Baker (R-LA) in the mid-1980’s. Kreslins’ radio career spans 6 years working drive time in major-media markets. Veritas Radio Networks founder Mike Church said of the addition: “To land a veteran of Mark’s caliber who’s spent his career working in politics, religion and radio gains CRUSADE a credible, passionate voice for what he calls ‘America’s Forgotten Man’. As our lineup and brand grows, Mark will become the launchpad for the start of each exciting broadcast day on CRUSADE!”. Kreslins’ show will begin Monday Morning, Dec. 15th at 06:00 A.M. and will  broadcast from[continue exploring the Truth…]

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