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Testimonial: The Matrix Cable Is Unplugged In The Deep South

Mandeville, LA – A testimonial from CRUSADER level, Founder’s Pass members Jeff and Brenda K. “Mike Thank You, I Truly believe you and your team are doing Gods Will and I pray for You All. You have personally help me with something I use to give no though of but in recent years and the things Pope Francis has been drawing light upon started to weigh heavy on myself and wife. We both had been married previously, myself a cradle Catholic whom did not stay with the church when I was in the navy and erred badly and my wife who converted a couple years ago(yes and neither of use were every questioned on our marriage status…). When I noticed in the mid 2000’s things were not right in the world and started to take my faith much stronger and started to learn the whys as to what we believe[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Testimonials From Our Listeners Who LOVE Veritas, & That’s The TRUTH!

Mandeville, LA – At the all-new, Veritas Radio Network we love hearing from our listeners with comments, suggestions, complaints and we especially love our listeners glowing Testimonials to the Veritas Radio Revolution and what it has meant for and to them. Below you will find a growing list of these personal stories of how our listeners found and adapted to Veritas and what they love most about the new service. Use the contact form on our home page to send us your testimonial and remember, if you keep listening, you’ll keep finding things in your life that the Truth has made better. Mike, Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback on your new venue. First, I happened across your show when I bought a car that had Sirius installed and a year’s free subscription. I am a convert to Catholicism (my family and I were Lutherans, and converted on November[continue exploring the Truth…]

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