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Heavenly Roast Coffee-The Makers of CRUSADE Capuchin Dark Roast Coffee

Mandeville, LA – The CRUSADE Channel supports and Mike Church endorses and drinks: HEAVENLY ROAST COFFEE! Heavenly Road Coffee is made by Heavenly Angels Ministries. All sales support Collegium sanctorum angelorum.  Collegium Sanctorum Angelorum (College of the Holy Angels) will be a residential, four-year college that will provide a liberal arts education (A.A. and B.A.) that is faithful to the intellectual, moral, spiritual, and liturgical traditions of the Roman Catholic Church, and a formation in Catholic living – ora et labora, both at affordable rates (under $13,500) for tuition, room and board. Every bag of coffee you buy will support a student at the Collegium. Buy Mike Church’s own special coffee roast, made by Heavenly Roast: Capuchin Dark Roast in whole bean or fine ground in Mike’s Founder’s Tradin’ Post here. Shop for many other blends and varieties of Heavenly Roast Coffees at their store here.

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J D African Safari

Podcast (crusade-previews): Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:28 — 3.4MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSSMandeville, LA – CRUSADE Channel listeners are outdoor enthusiasts and naturalists, enjoying and deriving sustenance from the beauty of nature. JD African Safaris offers CRUSADE Channel listeners the opportunity to take a few parts of that enthusiasm for hunting and exploring to the beautiful, rugged, East Cape of Africa! Witness the pictures from some of JD’s Safaris and consider booking your next adventure with JD for an unbeatable price. Listen to JD African Safaris CRUSADE Channel ad campaign: J D AFRICAN SAFARIS PHONE: 855-GET-KUDU (855-438-5838) JD’s Safaris can custom tailor safaris for each client.  Here’s the very LATEST CRUSADE Special on African Cape Buffalo- one of the ‘Big 5’ 7 days – luxury lodge- all inclusive including trophy fee and PH and pick up/ drop off in Johannesburg. Only have 3 left this season but price is[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Meet Our Advertisers: McClure Block & Tables-Made In ‘Muricah!

Mandeville, LA – The copy from McClure Block’s on-air ad says it all: McClure’s family owned operation works on the traditional belief that honesty is the best policy. That building a good product with craftsmanship and integrity is the key to success. that being respected and liked at Barney’s Barbershop on Oak Street will always be more important than being tolerated on wall street. and that doing business with other community-minded people, brought together by the internet, builds the local centered vocations of tomorrow. the ones the next generation of traditional be able to step right into, when they’re ready, just like our young grandparents did. To learn more about mcclure tables and save on  special, crusade channel, exclusive offers, visit that’s or call 800-565-0977 McClure Block’s Tables  

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Meet Our Advertisers: Introducing Buck Steel Buildings

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (2.3MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSSMandeville, LA – Here at the Veritas Radio Network, we are building the future of talk-radio, meanwhile our friends at Buck Steel are building the future of steel buildings. did you know that erecting a steel building can be done for 1/2 the cost of traditional brick and mortar buildings? Speaking of traditional, Buck Steel is a family owned and operated business with over 3 decades of experience making and installing steel buildings for any application from backyard shops and garages, to commercial warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail shopping centers, and barns, buck steel can build your building with quality and integrity you can rely on. and, Buck Steel’s pro-select erecting™ program is available across the country to assist with erecting your steel building project almost anywhere. For more information, including special pricing for Crusade Channel listeners[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Meet Our Advertisers: Bulldog Kia

Mandeville, LA – The title sponsor of the CRUSADE Channel Home Studios is Bulldog KIA of Athen, GA. BullDog KIA has sold Mike Church and his wife their last 4 vehicles and Mike enthusiastically endorses BullDog KIA and has since 2013. Visit Bulldog KIA’s website or call them today at 855-BULLDOG and make sure you tell them the KingDude sent you! We’ll see ya, at Bulldog KIA!

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