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Mandeville, LA – UPDATED, 22 MARCH, 2017 – The easiest way for Veritas Talk Radio Network fans to listen on the go is through our world-class apps, designed by our Founder Mike Church. DOWNLOAD THE iPHONE APP | DOWNLOAD THE ANDROID APP | DOWNLOAD THE WINDOWS PHONE APP The Veritas Radio Network app features The Mike Church Show on our Premium, All-Original Radio Station, The CRUSADE Channel-“KingSized Truth, from Radio Sized Speakers”. The Mike Church Show is the longest running radio talk show in Satellite Radio’s history (SiriusXM’s Patriot Channel) and is described by some as “Too Catholic for Satellite Radio!” The CRUSADE Channel also features 7 other Original Talk-Shows including Brother André Marie’s “ReConquest” and  notable author Dr. Kevin Guzman’s “Constitution Hour” and political talk radio veteran Mark Kreslins’ “The Mark Kreslins Show”. A LIVE, daily, afternoon drive show focusing on American states need to secede from the #American[continue exploring the Truth…]

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The Great Golden TRUTH Ticket Sweepstakes! Rules & Purchase Link

Is Laura Ingraham Giving A 2017 KIA Soul Away To Her Listeners? The CRUSADE Channel’s Mike Church Show Is. UPDATE:  20 February FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Please accept my humble apologies for mine and David Simpson’s public pronouncements regarding changing of the contest rules in the Great Golden Truth Sweepstakes from members only to open to the general public. The contest rules remain as they were first promulgated and no one that is a non-paying, Founder’s Pass member took advantage of the temporary change. The real insult surrounding this issue is my lack of faith in Almighty God; in denying that whether 250 or 500 tickets are sold, THAT IS God’s will and I pridefully rejected it. May God have mercy on us and I humbly plead for your forgiveness as well. Mike Church Founder, The Veritas Radio Network The Mike Church Show’s Listeners helped the CRUSADE Channel win this new, 2017 KIA Soul from[continue exploring the Truth…]

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How To Download All 3 Mike Church Show Segments via The New RSS Feeds

Mandeville, LA – We have implemented a new, 3 RSS feed system for our long-form LIVE shows, repackaged as single hour podcasts. This has been done for ease of listening and to place specific show hours at your fingertips. Also, if you are following the CRUSADE Premium Channel Show/Event Calendar which has backward search capabilities, finding OLDER content will now be a snap because you can pinpoint the day and the hour of broadcast and download JUST that segment. Listener Steve had an issue getting the 3 feeds to work, here’s how we solved the problem for him. On Jan 11, 2017, at 2:50 PM, Steve wrote: From: Steve Subject: RSS Feed (iTunes Podcast) Message Body: Me again, sorry to trouble you so much, I’m normally not this needy. When downloading the RSS feed via iTunes Podcast, I’ve been getting the 3rd Segment twice. Once labeled 1 (crusade-on-demand) and second labeled[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Introducing Veritas Radio Network’s Members Only PODCASTS (rss) Feed

Mandeville, LA – UPDATED, please note 01-29-2017! For YOUR listening/downloading convenience there are now 3 CRUSADE On-Demand feeds, one for each hour of our long form shows like the Mike Church Show and the Mark Kreslins Show. This way you now have the option of just downloading or listening to one hour or so at a time that you may have missed or want to hear again. You WILL need to login to your Founder’s Pass account, separately for each feed and you WILL need all 3 feeds active to get all 3 segments of Mike and Mark’s Shows. Here are the feeds including the original feed most of you already have: (this is the legacy PODCAST feed most of you have) (PODCAST Feed 2) (PODCAST Feed 3) You can distinguish between each feed by the simple, plainly styled graphics that will show in iTunes and google play:[continue exploring the Truth…]

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The Veritas Radio Network Is Now On The Roku!

Mandeville, LA – Do you have a ROKU device and want to catch the Mike Church Show and the rest of the CRUSADE Channel on it!? Well, now you can! Introducing the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel on Roku! Signup for a ROKU account and you can stream (for now) the crystal clear radio stream direct from our studios! Please rate the channel and share with friends and faimly. THANK YOU!  

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Listening To CRUSADE Via iTunes Is Easier Than Ever With iTunes 12!

Mandeville, LA – From the Apple Developer site: “Internet Radio in iTunes 12 Let’s be frank — this feature has been in iTunes for ages (at least a decade!) and you’re not using it much if at all. We hope to change that a bit here, but Apple hasn’t really changed this feature much at all over that time, and it’s still very primitive compared to the rest of what iTunes does. Still, there is a world of free streaming music, divided up by genre, and running the gamut of tastes and styles in there — it’s worth a look. In iTunes 12, though, there’s a bit of a challenge: where is it? The answer is “hiding.” While it’s nice of Apple to continue to offer this completely free service, naturally they want to push their own product first — either the previous iTunes Radio or the new Apple Music.[continue exploring the Truth…]

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The Veritas Radio Network App Is Updated & Improved!

Mandeville, LA – The Veritas Radio Network app has no been updated and lookie-lookie, there is a NEW button on the app: Mike Church Show Listen Line! Now you can use the app to listen to our flagship show using PHONE minutes, NOT data! There is NO FEE for the Mike Church Show Listen LIVE feed. The feed is LIVE when the Mike Church Show is LIVE and then loops the show the remainder of the day. Download the Veritas Radio Network app for Windows Phone, Android and iPhone today! If you want to dial the listen line, old school, on your rotary phone or by climbing the telephone pole out on the back 40, here is the number: The Listen Line works on any phone, No need for Smartphone or to download an app. Never miss your favorite show – listen on demand – whenever and wherever you want.. It saves[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Tech Support: I Downloaded The App But Can’t Play Past Episodes On It

Mandeville, LA – We receive dozens of the above question from new members, here is a typical response, we hope this solves the question for many.   Dear Founders Pass Member, There are tut0rial videos and FAQ articles on this subject on the site because we have addressed them hundreds and hundreds of times but I will briefly review: 1. We do not advertise and do not say ANYWHERE that you can get On-Demand download access via the app. It simply is not available at this time and if you saw somehwhere that I or any one connected with me said or advertised that please point it out so I can correct it. 2. You CAN get download access on your smartphone with an RSS reader app/player, it is a very simple, 3 step process, go here to learn about your specific phone: If you have an Android phone we[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Veritas Announces Mike Church Show Listen Line

Mandeville, LA – The Veritas Radio Network is delighted to announce that our listening options have expanded yet again! Thanks to our network partners at Talk Stream Live! Mike Church Show fans can now listen to the Mike Church Show 24/7 On-Demand via any telephone line and use 0.0 of their broadband data. Got that?! Put it in your address book and “Mark it Dude”. Now there is NO EXCUSE to not listen LIVE because you can’t operate BlueTooth or don’t have a smartphone but do have a phone and its all FREE. From Talk Stream Live: Mike Church Show offers Audio-On-Demand Listen Line 641-793-9640. Never miss any of Mike’s shows. Now you can listen on your schedule on any phone. Just dial 641-793-9640! It saves your data, when you use your unlimited minutes… This complements and expands your talk show platform offerings.Your Live shows airs, then that most recent show runs continuous[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Independence Day Radio Marathons – The Way It Should Be

Mandeville, LA – On Monday, 04 July, 2016, The Veritas Radio Network will air our 1st Annual Independence Day-Road To Independence Marathon! You will get to enjoy Mike Church’s feature movies The Road To Independence and Pages of Independence all day long, in stereo, for FREE! The 4th of July Broadcast Schedule: July 4th 12:01 a.m. – Road to Independence 03:00 a.m. – Pages of Independence 06:00 a.m. – Road to Independence 09:00 a.m. – Pages of Independence NOON – Road To Independence 03:00 p.m. – Pages of Independence 06:00 p.m. – Road To Independence 09:00 p.m. – Pages of Independence HOW TO LISTEN TO THE CRUSADE CHANNEL’S LIVE STREAM Here on the Veritas Radio Network’s Shoutcast Via Our App for iTunes • Android • Windows Phone Via Our Veritas Radio Network Syndicate Sites Via The World-Class Tune In App The Pages of Independence Movie is Here!

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