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How To Become A Veritas Radio Network Affiliate Site

Mandeville, LA –  To embed the Veritas Radio Network Stream onto a page on your website and become a Radio Station/Site affiliate that carries our stream, do one of the following. For WordPress sites, simply Copy the Text Below and then direct the link for that text here:; Click Here To Listen to The Veritas Radio Network-Radio The Way It should Be in a new window! The html code you can use to embed this code into the Text version of a wordpress post is: <a href=”;” target=”_blank”>Click Here To Listen to The Veritas Radio Network-Radio The Way It should Be in a new window!</a> UPDATE! Brother André Marie of ReConquest checks in with the results of his experiment to embed the LIVE Veritas Stream into his page: Mike, et alia, Pax Christi. I spent way too much time today working on that bit of code you mention here.[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Connect With The CRUSADE Channel’s LIVE Radio Shows

Mandeville, LA – Here’s your handy guide for getting in touch with our LIVE talk-show hosts during their programs. CONNECT WITH THE MIKE CHURCH SHOW CONNECT WITH THE MARK KRESLINS SHOW CONNECT WITH THE TRUE MONEY SHOW CALL THE MARK KRESLINS SHOW Just call 1-844-5CRUSADE (1-844–527–8723) any weekday between the hours of: 4AM – 6AM Pacific Time 5AM – 7AM Mountain Time 6AM – 8AM Central Time 7AM – 9AM Eastern Time You can also use the “CALL CRUSADE” button on the Veritas Radio Network App! Apple version – Android – Windows Phone EMAIL MARK KRESLINS Mark may read your email on the air or may use it in his discussion! Click here to send email or click the Contact Us link in the menu above. GO TO FACEBOOK & TWITTER Mark spends a lot of time communicating with listeners via Social Media. You can follow him on Twitter @markkreslins and Like The[continue exploring the Truth…]

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The Official Veritas Radio Network-Listen To The LIVE CRUSADE Channel Stream Page

Mandeville, LA – Use this page to start the LIVE radio stream from the Veritas Radio Network, in Stereo, 24/7/365. The stream is being relayed via our Shoutcast Service and is presented in the highest quality possible. 2. Use this page to obtain the linking code to the Veritas Radio Network’s Shoutcast Stream and pull it up directly from YOUR site – making you a Veritas Radio Network Affiliate! Click Here to open the Veritas Radio Network Stream in a new window. The process will look like the screenshots below: First, copy the following link to your computer’s clipboard (command-C on Mac and CTRL-C on Windows): Now, Open iTunes and click File/Open Stream.   When the URL: box opens, paste in the link you copied above.   The Veritas Radio Network Stream will begin playing immediately. you can use the pause button but it will not pause the stream in real-time,[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Veritas Academy: How To Listen To Veritas Radio Network Using your Own WiFi Hotspot!

Mandeville, LA –  Veritas Radio Network listener Dustin Clawson explains how he uses a wifi hotspot he created, to listen to his favorite shows here on the Veritas Radio Network. “For those who are looking for another method to access all of the great shows and content of the VRN and the Crusade Channel while you’re on the go, look into utilizing “Mobile Hotspots”. Many of the major cell phone carriers support these Internet enabling devices with LTE speeds and service. If you’re worried about the possibility of a lack of cell phone signal, many of these mobile hotspots have the ability to hook up an external antenna or even a cell phone amplifier to greatly increase your range. Data rates and plans will vary between different companies, but I have one from a company called FreedomPop. Once you obtain one of these devices and easily set it up, you[continue exploring the Truth…]

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How To Force The FP Player “Cloud” Button To Download A File

Mandeville, LA – Since implementing the new RSS, preview and download functions provided by Blubrry, our Content Delivery Network, we have been asked dozens of times “why doesn’t the download cloud button work?” We have not been able to offer a direct solve but there IS a workaround as explained in this Twitter Conversation.   @JeffSchaffer13 The cloud button can be FORCED to work 4 downloads, with a RIGHT click: — Mike Church (@TheKingDude) May 4, 2016

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Founders Pass-How To Update Your Credit Card

Members can update their billing details by following the instructions below: Members need to log into their account on your MemberMouse site and go to their My Account page.   On their My Account page they’ll see a section called Subscriptions (this is the name of the subscriptions area in the default MemberMouse My Account page template so keep in mind that you may have changed the name). All active and overdue subscriptions they have with you will be listed in the Subscriptions section. Overdue subscriptions are indicated by a  icon on the right.   They should click on the update billing details link next to the subscription that they want to update the billing details for. This will pop up an Update Billing Details dialog.   The billing address they originally used to purchase the subscription will be prepopulated for them. Now they’ll fill out their new credit card information and update the billing address if necessary.  [continue exploring the Truth…]

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CRUSADE Academy: Finding Show Files, How To Download & Listen

Mandeville, LA – Want to learn how to use the new navigation system that powers the Veritas Radio Network File Delivery Service!? This video explains how to easily find and enjoy your favorite content, listen to it, share it and download it.   HOW TO DOWNLOAD SHOWS From Veritas Radio Network Step-by-Step Tutorial THE NEW WAY OF DOWNLOADING SHOWS FROM VERITAS RADIO NETWORK: Step One: – Starting at click the “Shows” icon in the top menu bar.  This will give you a pull down menu that lists ALL shows on the Veritas Radio Network.  Select the show you wish to download from. i.e. The Mike Church Show Step Two: – You will now be on the home page of your favorite show.    – Shows are listed by DATE of which they aired and by the SEGMENT or time they aired. – Segments for The Mike Church Show: Segment[continue exploring the Truth…]

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What In The Wide Wide World of Sports Is An RSS Feed?

Mandeville, LA – This site now uses RSS feeds to deliver our original; audio content to our customers and listeners. Here is a detailed explanation of what RSS is, how and works and how to take advantage of it. According to Wikipedia, the latest on rss feeds is a mixed bag: Several major sites such as Facebook and Twitter previously offered RSS feeds but have reduced or removed support. Additionally, widely used readers such as Shiira, FeedDemon, and Google Reader have been discontinued having cited declining popularity in RSS. However, RSS still remains a widely used standard. RSS support was removed in OS X Mountain Lion’s versions of Mail and Safari, although the features were partially restored in Safari 8. As of August 2015, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer include RSS support by default, while Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge do not. Additionally, reader services such as Feedly provide synchronization[continue exploring the Truth…]

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How To Subscribe To Veritas Radio Network Podcasts

Mandeville, LA – The Veritas Radio Network is working night and day to deliver our amazing array of Original Radio Content to subscribers and the general public via web browser AND smartphones. Below is a how to subscribe to the Veritas Radio Network’s “Preview Channel” Feed which carries all the preview files we publish to promote Founders Pass memberships and entertain those without paid memberships. The same methods will work with any of our feeds, see this article for the urls to subscribe to Founders Pass Member feeds. Here are the Veritas Radio Network’s rss Feeds: The CRUSADE Channel Preview Feed: The Founders Pass member feed (login required): We recommend the FREE RSSRadio Player, download it here. 1. On your iPhone or other Smartphone, go to this link: 2. Click the purple “Subscribe On” button (for iPhone) the GREEN “Subscribe On” for Android phones. 3. Accept the[continue exploring the Truth…]

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