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How To Download All 3 Mike Church Show Segments via The New RSS Feeds

Mandeville, LA – We have implemented a new, 3 RSS feed system for our long-form LIVE shows, repackaged as single hour podcasts. This has been done for ease of listening and to place specific show hours at your fingertips. Also, if you are following the CRUSADE Premium Channel Show/Event Calendar which has backward search capabilities, finding OLDER content will now be a snap because you can pinpoint the day and the hour of broadcast and download JUST that segment. Listener Steve had an issue getting the 3 feeds to work, here’s how we solved the problem for him. On Jan 11, 2017, at 2:50 PM, Steve wrote: From: Steve Subject: RSS Feed (iTunes Podcast) Message Body: Me again, sorry to trouble you so much, I’m normally not this needy. When downloading the RSS feed via iTunes Podcast, I’ve been getting the 3rd Segment twice. Once labeled 1 (crusade-on-demand) and second labeled[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Renew Update Your Founder’s Pass Membership Today

Mandeville LA – The following is a personal appeal from our Founder Mike Church. My Dear Brothers and Sisters, One year ago today, I sadly announced the news that SiriusXM would not renew my contract and the Mike Church Show’s 13 year run on that platform would come to an end. Instead of seeking employment with yet another multi-national member of the Media Industrial Complex, I decided to give independent media a go and launch what we call today The Veritas Radio Network. Now, for the last year, the Mike Church Show has been heard uncensored, every weekday on The CRUSADE Channel. That was made possible by YOU, because on the day of the announcement, you responded to my call to boldly go where no one had gone before, and you purchased a Founder’s Pass membership. Because of YOUR confidence and generosity I can write you today in the present[continue exploring the Truth…]

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How Do I Keep Veritas Playing Without Interruption While Surfing The Site?

Mandeville, LA – ———————————————————————————————————– Subject: Can’t navigate web pages and listen to show Status: Open Category: General ———————————————————————————————————————————— Description: I am using Chrome to listen to the show on I am a member. When I listed to the show, and I try to navigate to other pages on the web site, the radio show turns off. I have to click the Play button each time I switch pages. Is that how it is supposed to be? Solution: Yes, that is how it is, currently, until we can build a different player in. The easy way around this is to download a streaming app, like Serve Stream, the one linked in the LISTEN NOW! menu you’ll see via the new mobilephone interface. 1. Download the ServeStream app from the googleplay store. 2. Activate the app 3. Go back to (on your mobilephone) click the site menu button, click and HOLD[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Help! How Do I Fund The Gift Membership I Purchased?

Mandeville, LA – Member Candy R. writes: Subject: Can’t find the page with my gift purchase link! I am lost..looked through the pages but cant locate my account info..Need some help!Thanks !!   Dear Candy, We are here to assist! Click Members/My Account: Then scroll down to “Gifts Purchased”: The click the “show gift link”: And you send that link to your friend!

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Founders Pass Members Can Update Your Credit Card Information

Mandeville, LA – Below are instructions to help you update your credit card information for Founders Pass members registered with this site. CRUSADE Channel founder Mike Church notes: I would like to personally thank you for your Founders Pass membership and for making “Radio The Way It Should Be” possible in the first place. As I say often on the show, we are the answer to “The Liberal Media” and as such are a LORE (listener owned radio enterprise) and what an exciting prospect that is becoming! We rely on membership funding to continue the 24/7 CRUSADE of the Veritas Radio Network that includes the Mike Church Show LIVE! and I hope you will consider continuing your membership by updating your credit card information which has either expired or changed causing your current membership dues to be declined. You can update your card at the Founders Pass NEW Member home by:[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Downloading CRUSADE Shows With Firefox

Mandeville, LA – Here is another solve for Firefox users. To download audio files onto your computer or other drives: 1. “Right click the “Download” Button and select “Open in new tab” or “Open in new window.” 2. Go to that “new tab” or “new window” and right click the audio play bar that should be visible. 3. Select “Save Audio As” and select an area on your hard drive to save the file.

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Listening To CRUSADE Via iTunes Is Easier Than Ever With iTunes 12!

Mandeville, LA – From the Apple Developer site: “Internet Radio in iTunes 12 Let’s be frank — this feature has been in iTunes for ages (at least a decade!) and you’re not using it much if at all. We hope to change that a bit here, but Apple hasn’t really changed this feature much at all over that time, and it’s still very primitive compared to the rest of what iTunes does. Still, there is a world of free streaming music, divided up by genre, and running the gamut of tastes and styles in there — it’s worth a look. In iTunes 12, though, there’s a bit of a challenge: where is it? The answer is “hiding.” While it’s nice of Apple to continue to offer this completely free service, naturally they want to push their own product first — either the previous iTunes Radio or the new Apple Music.[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Tech Support: I Downloaded The App But Can’t Play Past Episodes On It

Mandeville, LA – We receive dozens of the above question from new members, here is a typical response, we hope this solves the question for many.   Dear Founders Pass Member, There are tut0rial videos and FAQ articles on this subject on the site because we have addressed them hundreds and hundreds of times but I will briefly review: 1. We do not advertise and do not say ANYWHERE that you can get On-Demand download access via the app. It simply is not available at this time and if you saw somehwhere that I or any one connected with me said or advertised that please point it out so I can correct it. 2. You CAN get download access on your smartphone with an RSS reader app/player, it is a very simple, 3 step process, go here to learn about your specific phone: If you have an Android phone we[continue exploring the Truth…]

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How To Become A Veritas Radio Network Affiliate Site

Mandeville, LA –  To embed the Veritas Radio Network Stream onto a page on your website and become a Radio Station/Site affiliate that carries our stream, do one of the following. For WordPress sites, simply Copy the Text Below and then direct the link for that text here:; Click Here To Listen to The Veritas Radio Network-Radio The Way It should Be in a new window! The html code you can use to embed this code into the Text version of a wordpress post is: <a href=”;” target=”_blank”>Click Here To Listen to The Veritas Radio Network-Radio The Way It should Be in a new window!</a> UPDATE! Brother André Marie of ReConquest checks in with the results of his experiment to embed the LIVE Veritas Stream into his page: Mike, et alia, Pax Christi. I spent way too much time today working on that bit of code you mention here.[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Veritas Academy: How To Listen To Veritas Radio Network Using your Own WiFi Hotspot!

Mandeville, LA –  Veritas Radio Network listener Dustin Clawson explains how he uses a wifi hotspot he created, to listen to his favorite shows here on the Veritas Radio Network. “For those who are looking for another method to access all of the great shows and content of the VRN and the Crusade Channel while you’re on the go, look into utilizing “Mobile Hotspots”. Many of the major cell phone carriers support these Internet enabling devices with LTE speeds and service. If you’re worried about the possibility of a lack of cell phone signal, many of these mobile hotspots have the ability to hook up an external antenna or even a cell phone amplifier to greatly increase your range. Data rates and plans will vary between different companies, but I have one from a company called FreedomPop. Once you obtain one of these devices and easily set it up, you[continue exploring the Truth…]

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