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YOU Get An Education, We Win A Car And The Free World Is Saved

01 Days 08 Hours 55 Minutes 59 Seconds UPDATE: The Veritas radio Network is in FIRST PLACE but we need a strong, #Cyber Monday Finish to win the KIA Sol and the title and save the network & the FREE World!Mandeville, LA – Liberty Classroom is the BEST online education outlet, period. Featuring a faculty second to none in Liberty and Conservative teaching including our own Kevin Gutzman, Dr. Bradley Birzer, Brion MacClanahan and of course Dr. Tom Woods. This Black Friday weekend you can signup for a year or lifetime of course studies, save up to 50% off the regular tuition prices AND  in doing so help the Veritas Radio Network win a KIA Soul we can use in OUR fundraising efforts! CLICK HERE TO START “LEARNING, THE WAY IT SHOULD BE” WITH LIBERTY CLASSROOM Copy and paste this link on YOUR facebook page or blog and assist our Black[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Resources The Way They Should Be-How The Veritas Radio Network Is Built

Mandeville, LA –  Building a world class radio station, entertainment company website is hard but the task is made easier by using the world’s most advanced site development platform: WordPress. Most Veritas members will not be familiar with WordPress but we want you to get to know it so you build your own CRUSADES site to promote and post your stories, opinions, pictures and advance your own CRUSADE. To get started with WordPress, read this WordPress for beginners guide. In fact Morning Host, Mark Kreslins uses Bluehost himself, you can see his site here. Be assured, if Kreslins can build, write and post on a WordPress website from Bluehost, anyone can! Once you’ve decided to start this journey you’ll need a blog/WordPress hosting server and we recommend using Bluehost Hosting, the easiest and most inexpensive hosting platform there is. You can click here or click the graphic attached to be taken to[continue exploring the Truth…]

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