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Introducing Veritas Radio Network’s Members Only PODCASTS (rss) Feed

Mandeville, LA – UPDATED, please note 01-29-2017! For YOUR listening/downloading convenience there are now 3 CRUSADE On-Demand feeds, one for each hour of our long form shows like the Mike Church Show and the Mark Kreslins Show. This way you now have the option of just downloading or listening to one hour or so at a time that you may have missed or want to hear again. You WILL need to login to your Founder’s Pass account, separately for each feed and you WILL need all 3 feeds active to get all 3 segments of Mike and Mark’s Shows. Here are the feeds including the original feed most of you already have: (this is the legacy PODCAST feed most of you have) (PODCAST Feed 2) (PODCAST Feed 3) You can distinguish between each feed by the simple, plainly styled graphics that will show in iTunes and google play:[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Veritas Radio Network Christmas Programming Schedule

Mandeville, LA – For Immediate Release VERITAS RADIO NETWORK – CRUSADE CHANNEL CHRISTMAS PROGRAMMING SCHEDULE, 2016 COMPANY HOLIDAYS, NO LIVE PROGRAMMING DAYS ARE: THU, FRI, MON December 21, 22 and 26. FRI, December 29 and MON January 2 The Mike Church Show is on hiatus til Wednesday January 4th. Mark Kreslins will fill-in for Mike Church on TUE-THU December 27-29. The Mark Kreslins Show, afternoon drive edition is on hiatus from Thursday, December 22 until Tuesday January 3rd. There will be no new Reverse Deception, My Story of America or Constitution Hour the week of December 26. The “Paywall” will be raised on Wednesday, January 4th, 14 day FREE trials and 30 Day 99¢ trials will be available then for non-members on our Join Page. Christmas Eve programming. Midnight to 06:00 a.m. = status quo 06:00 a.m. – Times That try Men’s Souls (WITH commercials, old clock) 08:40ish – 09:00[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Guess Which Radio Network Just Won a KIA Soul AND Saved The Free World!?

Mandeville, LA – The Veritas Radio Network is proud to announce that we have won the 2016, Black Friday, Liberty Classroom dot com sales promotion! This means that in addition to a substantial cash award for commissions earned, Liberty Classroom dot com will be awarding the VRN a 2017 KIA Soul car as the contest’s grand prize! Veritas Radio Network founder Mike Church said the upstart radio company “is elated and so thankful for this honor. Our listeners and membership base just proved that a community of like-minded souls, broadcasting the defense of Transcendent Truth, can achieve amazing things by simply pursuing the ancient Christian principle of Solidarity. Our members are motivated and devoted to the cause of restoring the correct order in our civic affairs and believe that the Veritas Radio Network and our flagship radio station, The CRUSADE Channel are an integral part of that process. The Veritas[continue exploring the Truth…]

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YOU Get An Education, We Win A Car And The Free World Is Saved

01 Days 08 Hours 55 Minutes 59 Seconds UPDATE: The Veritas radio Network is in FIRST PLACE but we need a strong, #Cyber Monday Finish to win the KIA Sol and the title and save the network & the FREE World!Mandeville, LA – Liberty Classroom is the BEST online education outlet, period. Featuring a faculty second to none in Liberty and Conservative teaching including our own Kevin Gutzman, Dr. Bradley Birzer, Brion MacClanahan and of course Dr. Tom Woods. This Black Friday weekend you can signup for a year or lifetime of course studies, save up to 50% off the regular tuition prices AND  in doing so help the Veritas Radio Network win a KIA Soul we can use in OUR fundraising efforts! CLICK HERE TO START “LEARNING, THE WAY IT SHOULD BE” WITH LIBERTY CLASSROOM Copy and paste this link on YOUR facebook page or blog and assist our Black[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Renew Update Your Founder’s Pass Membership Today

Mandeville LA – The following is a personal appeal from our Founder Mike Church. My Dear Brothers and Sisters, One year ago today, I sadly announced the news that SiriusXM would not renew my contract and the Mike Church Show’s 13 year run on that platform would come to an end. Instead of seeking employment with yet another multi-national member of the Media Industrial Complex, I decided to give independent media a go and launch what we call today The Veritas Radio Network. Now, for the last year, the Mike Church Show has been heard uncensored, every weekday on The CRUSADE Channel. That was made possible by YOU, because on the day of the announcement, you responded to my call to boldly go where no one had gone before, and you purchased a Founder’s Pass membership. Because of YOUR confidence and generosity I can write you today in the present[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Mike Church Asks You To Join Our Novena For the Veritas Network

Mandeville, LA – This note appears from our founder Mike Church and does not represent the views of all contractors, volunteers and hosts on the Veritas Radio Network and The CRUSADE Channel. A few friends have asked me for the text of my Novena for The Veritas Radio Network’s Crusade Channel so they can join this 9 day prayer which I began Tuesday, 4 October. Here it is, if you’d like to say it. I make no claim of being a theologian or prelate so forgive any error of ommission, lack of Charity or fit of Pride. “O’ Blessed St Joseph and St Pope Pius X, simple men who became simple servants of God by carrying out their vocations with humility and Charity, not for their benefit but for the benefit of others. With a humble heart, i ask for you to please intercede for us on behalf of the[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Ilana Mercer-Paleolibetarian The Way It Should Be

Mandeville, LA – The Veritas Radio Network welcomes weekly contributor Ilana Mercer, author of The Trump Revolution and of the Into The Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa. Ilana appears every Friday on The CRUSADE Channel’s Mike Church Show. Her weekly column also appears here on the Veritas Radio Network site and at the Mike Church Show site. Visit Ilana’s site and catch up on all her writings here. ILANA Mercer is a paleolibertarian writer and thinker based in the U.S. Her acclaimed, weekly column, begun in Canadian newspapers, has been going strong since 1999. (See Articles Archive.) Read it at Veritas! ILANA is the author of The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed (June 2016) & Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa  (2011). Follow her on Twitter & on Facebook. Subscribe to ilana’s YouTube channel. Enjoy More Related Truth From CRUSADE Channel Contributor Ilana Mercer.

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Testimonial-Veritas Radio Network Represents Hope For All

Mandeville, LA – Hey King Dude just had a wonderful lady from Argentina stop into my wife’s shop and bring the following picture by. I was awed by the work she put in by hand. This picture I’m told represents The Lady of Hope in Catholicism and I believe it was worth sending as a message saying “thanks for being one guy who takes to radio each day with a message that presents hope for us all.” – Bryce Englin, Founder’s Pass Member.

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