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Conversion Story: How I Learned Martin Luther Wasn’t SpiderMan And I Was Actually A Catholic

Mandeville, LA  – Long-time Mike Church Show listener Will Stowe shared his conversion story on air and backs it up with this written testimony. If you are moved by Will’s story please consider supporting The CRUSADE Channel and the Mike Church Show by becoming a Founder’s Pass member and/or making a donation in any amount. Without your support (if you’re reading this, that means YOU!) the CRUSADE Channel cannot continue our mission of broadcasting The Truth and applying it to the events and controversies, joys and triumphs of life in 2017 ‘Muricah! “Howdy King Dude! Thanks for the conversation this morning, really appreciate it. Just to recap, I started listening to your show a few years back on Sirius, and as I mentioned earlier my first impression of the show was “disruptive” to say the least. If memory serves, I had been listening to Glenn Beck (gah!) the prior day[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Testimonial-Veritas Radio Network Represents Hope For All

Mandeville, LA – Hey King Dude just had a wonderful lady from Argentina stop into my wife’s shop and bring the following picture by. I was awed by the work she put in by hand. This picture I’m told represents The Lady of Hope in Catholicism and I believe it was worth sending as a message saying “thanks for being one guy who takes to radio each day with a message that presents hope for us all.” – Bryce Englin, Founder’s Pass Member.

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Testimonial: I NEVER Heard of Fatima’s Miracle of The Sun Before!

Mandeville, LA – Listener Jeffrey B. writes to share his experience listening to the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel’s Mike Church Show on Wednesday 13 July, 2016. From the details of Jeffrey’s note, it appears Our Lady may have made a digital intercession. Dear Mike, I try real hard to listen to you and Mr Kreslins every day. After a snafu with the stream this morning during the morning drive, I never lost signal. This never happens as I drive from Chanute, KS to Wichita, KS and back as there are several dead spots. I feel as though I was meant to hear the entire show without interruption, as while driving the same route in the afternoon I lost signal and finally gave up and listened to your podcasts. I was very moved. I had never heard of any of this. Thank you for the opportunity. I shall listen to the next[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Testimonial: I Fought The Truth But The Truth Has Won

Mandeville, LA – Longtime listener and Founders Pass member Todd B. shares his personal story of how the CRUSADE Channel inspired him to consider whether the the Anti-Catholic propaganda he heard his entire life was true. Here are the results: Dear Mike, I’m not much with words, but I wanted to take a quick minute and say thank you for all that you and your staff at The Veritas Radio Network do daily. I started listening to your program a few years ago when it was in the “old country.” For a long time, when you would discuss Catholicism, I would simply ignore it. This was based solely on what I had always heard about the Catholicism from Protestant teachings. Then about a year ago, I started to just listen when you discussed your faith. I sincerely believe my ears were tuned-in through the intervention of the Holy Spirit. The more[continue exploring the Truth…]

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The unTestimonial: Syndicate Your Show or Die, Brother Church

Mandeville, LA – We received the following letter from listener Jeff S., today. We are compiling a survey based on Jeff’s suggestions, meanwhile, please leave your comments below – thanks! “Brother Church I wanted to let you know that while I enjoy most of your show there is one thing that is troubling me. You seem to be caught in this constant cycle of lamenting the lack of listeners. While internet radio may be the future we aren’t quite there yet. One of the fundamentals of how to succeed in business is to study people who are already successful. It doesn’t mean you have to copy them, but you should at least understand how they achieved their success. The other day you brought up Freedom 95 on Tune In. They have over 53,000 followers. Why is that? Because they carry programming that is both streaming and on syndicated broadcast radio. Their[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Thanks To The CRUSADE Channel For Having Me As Your Guest-John Horvat

Podcast (crusade-previews): Play in new window | Download (Duration: 28:02 — 64.2MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSSMandeville, LA – This is the graceful note we received after the Mike Church Show interviewed John Horvat of Return To Order. Mike, Just a short note to thank you for having me on the show. It is really a unique experience to talk with a Catholic first and a radio host second. God bless and keep up the good fight! John Horvat

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Testimonial From Our FIRST Crusader Member/Supporter Ryan Campbell

Mandeville LA – Our exhortations to the CUSADE Channel faithful to spread the word of the Word’s  FIRST, Independent, dedicated to the pursuit of the Truth radio station to those who have yet to hear it!  The letter below was penned by our FRIST EVER Crusader level member – @$1095″ – coming forward with WHY he would donate 4 figures to an unproven, radio fantasy!?    I became a crusader because you [Mike Church], and your program[the Mike Church Show], are worth it.  From heartfelt and impassioned pleas for your listeners to educate themselves, to the soundbites of Monty Python, you have drawn me in, engaged me, and moved me to question.  I have seen you speak live, and I have often thought of driving from my home in Texas over to Mandeville just to drink a beer, smoke a stogie, and eat some barbecue.  Listening to you is the closest thing I get[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Testimonial: The CRUSADE Channel Audience Is Going To Explode

Mandeville, LA – New listener Dean Christensen, writes us to say: Subject: Testimonial from somebody that didn’t follow you in the old station in the old country Dear, King Dude I had a friend beg me for years to start listening to you when you were on Sirius but I never would because of the “Pay Wall”. With the Launch of the RVN I purchased a membership within a month. You are offering a premium product at the height of its demand. The masses are sick and tired of the status quo and both Trump and Sanders are symptoms of the frustration. People need better answers and the Truth that you are offering. The “silent majority” seems to be pushing back and voting with their actions and wallets I.e. PayPal. Orthodoxy is on the rise I have converted to the Catholic Church thanks to my previously mention friend challenging my[continue exploring the Truth…]

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Brother André: Support The CRUSADE Channel Catholics, It Has Earned It

Mandeville, LA – From ReConquest’s Brother André Marie: This is not a plug for donations to Saint Benedict Center. Yes, those always help, but that’s not what this is about. This is a plug for people to (A) LISTEN TO (B) JOIN and (C) ADVERTIZE ON the Veritas Radio Network’s “Crusade Channel.” Why? Good question. The short answer is that this new broadband radio venture is actually becoming surprisingly effective in disseminating the truth — or should I say The Truth? There are conversions (and reversions) to the Catholic Faith coming through this medium. That is a fact, not wishful thinking. Your humble servant has been able to reach souls previously out of his reach due to the Reconquest show, interviews Mike Church has done with me on air, and the weekly philosophy class that VRN hosts, where some very serious seekers of truth are studying philosophy according to Brother[continue exploring the Truth…]

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“Midder” Church You & Veritas MUST Stay The Course!

Mandeville, LA – We thank listener Nicholas D. for his prayers, his Founders Pass Membership and his efforts to spread the Truth heard here daily on the Veritas Radio Network. “Midder” Church, I hath heeded thy request for someone to pen you a nice little email. Ha! Seriously though, It’s been great listening to you these past few months. I actually found you on the sensus fidelium youtube page. One of your discussions had been posted alongside the always fantastic sermons from the likes of Father Wolfe, Father Petrus, and Father Ripp among others, and since then i have been listening with fascination. Your conversion story is touching and encouraging and I thank God that there is a voice that correctly places everything into the true and only perspective which is that of the supreme God and His truth as taught by Holy Catholic Church. Hearing you is such a wonderful[continue exploring the Truth…]

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