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Veritas Radio Network is In Our 8th Month In Business & Needs Your Support

(as of 21 June, our listeners & boosters have kicked in $75 of $10,000 needed, how do you think this story is going to end? PLEASE, donate now, before June 30th!) (Puppy graphic = INTRODUCING S.O.S. the Veritas Radio Network’s Fundraising Mascot, fill his bowl with Founders Pass memberships and affiliate apps and watch his tail wag!) Mandeville, LA – My Dear Friends, I would like to thank you for your membership and support since the Fall of Rome (the Old Show in the Old Country). In these ensuing 28 weeks we have managed to launch a world class radio channel staffed by Original, compelling radio shows including Mark Kreslins, Dr. Michael T. George, David Simpson, Dr. Kevin Gutzman and Brother André Marie. That is the good news, now for the status update: The launch of the channel in labor and hardware cost $20k more than anticipated and to firm up our[continue exploring the Truth…]

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The unTestimonial: Syndicate Your Show or Die, Brother Church

Mandeville, LA – We received the following letter from listener Jeff S., today. We are compiling a survey based on Jeff’s suggestions, meanwhile, please leave your comments below – thanks! “Brother Church I wanted to let you know that while I enjoy most of your show there is one thing that is troubling me. You seem to be caught in this constant cycle of lamenting the lack of listeners. While internet radio may be the future we aren’t quite there yet. One of the fundamentals of how to succeed in business is to study people who are already successful. It doesn’t mean you have to copy them, but you should at least understand how they achieved their success. The other day you brought up Freedom 95 on Tune In. They have over 53,000 followers. Why is that? Because they carry programming that is both streaming and on syndicated broadcast radio. Their[continue exploring the Truth…]

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The TRUTH Needs You! Volunteer To Work With The Veritas Radio Network

Mandeville, LA – The Veritas Radio Network, a subsidiary of BlackHat Studios, needs assistance from our audience in a volunteer capacity for the following positions. You can apply via email by clicking here. SOCIAL MEDIA CO-ORDINATOR – Compose and post updates of CRUSADE Channel shows and events VIDEO PRODUCTION – Design and compose video elements for the Church Doctrine daily and other Crusade Channel video features. Future employment possible. NETWORK WEBSITE AFFILIATE MANAGER – Manage our in-house affiliate sales program that fans can use to earn commissions on the sale of VRN memberships. BROADCASTING AFFILIATIONS ASSISTANT – Locate and solicit new broadcast venues for the Veritas Radio Network. AFTERNOON DRIVE RADIO SHOW HOST – Some experience required. Our current air-staff is mostly a volunteer one with hopes that future success will lead to remuneration but there is no limit to funding possibilities for a willing host that FITS THE CRUSADE CHANNEL[continue exploring the Truth…]

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