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The Mark Kreslins Show-Weekdays 02:00 - 06:00 p.m.

America, Secede or Die, Begins...


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Who Is Mark Kreslins?

Beginning in the mid-1980's, Mark Kreslins worked as a Senior Legislative Assistant to two Members of Congress in Washington DC and thus was exposed firsthand to the problems of deceit and corruption. Having participated in many unconstitutional actions while working on the Hill, he knows all about the sausage-making process from an insider's viewpoint–and sausage-making it is!Because of his experience in the belly of the beast, he is passionate about bringing about real change vs. the sophomoric change so often proposed by mainstream talk radio. A provocative writer and speaker, Mark has been a regular contributor to Fox News, and appeared on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 program. He's written numerous articles and has been profiled in a variety of publications over the years.

The CRUSADE Channel Story

For over 13 years, I was host of the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM radio, the Patriot Channel that to this day remains the longest running radio show in the history of satellite radio! My live call-in show covered a range of political, current events and cultural topics but then a strange thing, perhaps even a providential thing happened. As I was interviewing numerous experts in their respective fields who would only describe limited solutions to major societal solutions, I began to realize they were missing something. This troubled me and I found that I could no longer the whole thing

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About Our Founder

The Mike Church Show was a staple on the airwaves of Sirius Satellite then SiriusXM Satellite Radio for 13 years. After he was branded with the crown of "Too Catholic for Satellite Radio", in October, 2015,  he immediately began building the Veritas Radio Network and the CRUSADE Channel.

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