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LIVE Coverage of The “Keeping The Counter-Reformation Going”

Mandeville, LA – Join the CRUSADE Channel for LIVE, on-site coverage of the St Benedict Center’s “Keeping the Counter-Reformation Going” from Richmond N.H. The event speaker list is chocked full of Catholic genius and they even let our very own Founder, Mike Church on the list. You can still attend the event and catch all this important scholarship, LIVE, go here to register.

Friday, September 30

10:00 Brother André Marie’s Opening Remarks
10:30 Brother Alexis Bugnolo — A True Work of Mercy: A New Order of Crusaders
1:30 Br. John Marie Vianney, M.I.C.M. Tert. — The Best Way to Counter the Reformation
3:00 Sister Maria Philomena, M.I.C.M. — Hawaiian Reform
4:30 Mr. Gary Potter — Finding Reasons to Keep Going

Saturday, October 1

10:00 Mr. Charles Coulombe — Anglo-Catholicism, the Ordinariates, and the Conversion of the Anglosphere
11:15 Mike Church — The English “Deformation”: The Great Faith Robbery
1:30 Reading of the Tertiary Necrology and the Order’s group picture
2:00 Brother André Marie —Lessons from Saint Robert Southwell
4:00 Mr. C. Joseph Doyle —Church Militant Restored: How the Counter Reformation Saved Christendom
7:30 Panel Discussion (all speakers / moderated)

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