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FREE! Founder’s Pass ePamphlet, Series 3: The Lord’s Indictment Against The ‘Murican Nation

Mandeville, LA – The author of this op-ed from the September 26, 1862 remains unknown but his point remains profound: The United States turned its back on living as Christians in a Christian culture long before dis-honest Abe began his war of Northern Aggression. This is a FREE download for Founder’s Pass members.

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  1. This appears as “viewable”, however it isn’t “downloadable”. Inspecting the content of the link above – “”, the content you created is viewable, but secured from download. If you intend for subscribers to download this content, it appears you’ll need to employ a different tool or set different options on “wp-pdf”.

    1. The download link is in the pdf file’s playbar at the top of the file. If you cannot see the book/pdf, then you may not be logged in.

  2. Powerful! Mike, which publication originally printed this? If this is how A.Y. felt then, how much more so is our Lord’s Indictment appropo to our current situation 150 years later?

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