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Katerina Brunot: surviving a form of human trafficking as a mail order bride


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Katerina Brunot, a school teacher, artist and illustrator of a beautiful children’s book Story Time With Princess Dorothy. Brunot born in Siberia tells us her story of growing up in Russia and eventually coming to the United States to marry a man she thought was her dream come true. Her story swiftly turned into a several year nightmare of physical abuse, metal torture, stalking, attempted murder which end when what became her ex-husband had a deadly shootout with police. She discusses her relationship with God and what some might consider a surprising reaction in the aftermath following this horrific chapter in her life. She then explains how her story of survival along with the tragic deaths of other mail order brides got attention of the Bush administration making changes in this system of international matchmaking to protect women from becoming victims from a subversive form of human trafficking. She also, talks about her life as an artist and how creating art gives her a sense of flow.

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