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  1. I must be overlooking the selection. I am trying to donate an one time funding donation, but every time I try to check out is states it is a monthly reoccurring charge.

  2. I have joined to hear the Suzanne Option. Known her for years. I haven’t listened to anyone’s show besides hers yet but I am looking forward too.

    1. Kent, you gotta listen to them all. Then you can decide which shows apply to your goals. Mark Kreslins is great covering the secession issue. KD is great in editorializing on current events. New Doctor Greg Carpenter’s Reverse Deception is unique and BAM’s “Reconquest” for Catholic past and future. #Texit_Now

  3. Hello mike, can you please invite me to the chat room. Very funny experience. I’ve tried several times to find the crusader chat room. I however did not find you but I now have many Muslim friends.I’m just waiting for the anti terrorists unit to show up at my home. Even more comical is that I only joined Facebook to join your chat room.

  4. My Carillon Sacre Coeur flag arrived today — BEAUTIFUL! Could be wrong but it looks handmade. Will hoist it up the flag pole in the sunlight tomorrow. Perfect Christmas gift to me.

    1. We need more info to answer your question. Through what method are you trying to get the Podcast? Through what device? What operating system? RSS feed? Are you saying that using the menu item “SHOWS/Reverse Deception” doesn’t produce a list of the shows in question?

  5. I tried accessing the premium content but have not been able to login, seems I’ve forgotten my password. Would you please help me reset?
    Thank you

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