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Meet Our Advertisers: Introducing Buck Steel Buildings

Mandeville, LA – Here at the Veritas Radio Network, we are building the future of talk-radio, meanwhile our friends at Buck Steel are building the future of steel buildings. did you know that erecting a steel building can be done for 1/2 the cost of traditional brick and mortar buildings? Speaking of traditional, Buck Steel is a family owned and operated business with over 3 decades of experience making and installing steel buildings for any application from backyard shops and garages, to commercial warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail shopping centers, and barns, buck steel can build your building with quality and integrity you can rely on. and, Buck Steel’s pro-select erecting™ program is available across the country to assist with erecting your steel building project almost anywhere.

For more information, including special pricing for Crusade Channel listeners call, 866-595-2381 that’s 866-595-2381 or visit bucksteel dot com

Buck Steel and the Crusade Channel, building the future with integrity.

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