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Meet Our Advertisers: McClure Block & Tables-Made In ‘Muricah!

Mandeville, LA – The copy from McClure Block’s on-air ad says it all:

McClure’s family owned operation works on the traditional belief that honesty is the best policy. That building a good product with craftsmanship and integrity is the key to success. that being respected and liked at Barney’s Barbershop on Oak Street will always be more important than being tolerated on wall street. and that doing business with other community-minded people, brought together by the internet, builds the local centered vocations of tomorrow. the ones the next generation of traditional be able to step right into, when they’re ready, just like our young grandparents did.

To learn more about mcclure tables and save on  special, crusade channel, exclusive offers, visit that’s or call 800-565-0977

McClure Block’s Tables

Edmore_Shuffleboard_Table RockOlaShuffleboard


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