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Meet Our Advertisers: The Humility of Heart Book From Founding Father Films Publishing

Mandeville, LA – The Founders Tradin’ Post is proud to announce our edition of Humility of Heart and our advertising partnership with The Veritas Radio Network.

Hardback version, 1st edition with beautiful dust jacket featuring “The Visitation” painting by Albertinni (1503) written by Father Gaetano Mary de Bergamo, English Translation by Herbert Cardinal Vaughan and Frederick Michael Augustine Mary Church



Edited with additional English translations by Frederick Michael Augustine Mary (Mike Church). This volume contains, for the first time EVER, the final 58 page section of Humility, included in all Italian editions but omitted in ALL English editions until now. Mike Church has performed the signal task of translating those 58 pages PLUS the 4 page introduction written by Fr. Bergamo, Plus the Imprimatur granted by the Vatican in 1792, PLUS decoded all of Fr. Bergamo’s footnote citations and updated the references so modern readers can consult Bergamo’s sources, and included them all in this edition! This is the most comprehensive and compleat edition of Fr. Bergamo’s internationally loved work “Humility of Heart” and is presented here in a hardback, collector’s format that will be passed down for generations.


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