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Mike Church Show 040416 Seg 1 – Silly PayPal, KIDS Bathrooms Are For Kids!

Mandeville, LA – The anti-Christian bigotry foaming from the mouths of PayPal’s executives continues and so does Mike’s demolition of their claim that NC is “not affording equal opportunity for our employees” making Mike wonder if male PayPal employees routinely spend time in the ladies room or worse in the bathrooms of their daughter’s at school? Mike also debuts the first in the Veritas Radio Network’s revival of the Social Guidance films done in the 1950’s-80’s by filmmaker Sid Davis. The first PSA “Boys Beware” is presented by Veritas “[w]ith Christian Love and Charity” (see below).
Segment 2 – Continuation of Segment 1 and includes this week’s movie reviews with Debbie Schlussel from Debbie Does Movies!

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