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Winchester, VA – SSPX News reports that Ivory Coast Bishops issued a decree on May 21 declaring that it is impossible to be both a Christian and a Freemason. They were clearing up confusion created by a 1969 proclamation by Rev. Fr. Michel Requet, famous Jesuit Lenten preacher at the time who said, “Yes, it is […]

Winchester, VA – reports that divorce law in Pakistan is coming under fire in Pakistan for the differing conditions under which Christians and Muslims may obtain their divorces. For Muslims, there is a wide range of qualifying reasons to obtain a divorce. Christians, on the other hand, have only four qualifying reasons: adultery, which is […]

Winchester, VA –  The National Catholic Register reports that Archbishop Samuel Aquila has announced that in his archdiocese, the order of Sacramental reception will return to Baptism, Confirmation, and then Holy Eucharist. This is a reversal of the century-long practice in the Latin Rite which differed from the traditional order dating back to the Apostles. The […]

Winchester, VA – Two stories appeared yesterday of Muslims helping victims of Christian persecution-by Muslims. Church Militant reports on Noor Lucman, a resident of Marawi City in the Philippines where Muslims have burned down the Catholic cathedral and taken 15 Christians hostage. Mr. Lucman, hid 64 Christians who had been unable to flee Marawi. He vowed […]

Winchester, VA – WKRN reports that the Catholic Diocese of Nashville sadly lost its beloved shepherd, Bishop David Choby, Saturday night. A native of Nashville, Bishop Choby, 70, had taken a fall in February and broke his arm, and since then had experienced repeated blood infections. Of Bishop Choby’s passing, Father Ed Steiner, Pastor at the […]

Winchester, VA – Last week Bishop Jean-Marie Benoit Balla, the 58 year old Catholic Bishop of Bafia in Cameroon, went missing. His car was located near the Sanaha River on Wednesday. Inside the car was a note that said, “Do not look for me! I am in the water,” sparking suspicion of suicide. There were no […]

Winchester, VA –  In this Celestial Musings, it’s refreshing to see a priest seeking out the young people where they are, reminding them of the Church’s presence at all times, in all situations. Father David Jenuwine of Napa, California, inspired by a talk on evangelization by Father Mitch Pacwa of EWTN, was looking for creative ways […]

The Archdiocese for the Military Services announced at the end of May that the four year archdiocesan inquiry into the life of Vietnam War hero and U.S. Navy Chaplain Father Vincent Capodanno has been completed. The findings of the tribunal now go to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, for them to decide if […]

Winchester, VA – Eritrea is a tiny country in north-eastern Africa, and is one of the hardest countries in the world in which to be a Christian. 10 years ago the Eritrian Orthodox Patriarch Abune Antonios was placed under house arrest for failing to abide by government demands to excommunicate 3,000 members of a revival movement […]

Winchester, VA – The Catholic president of South Korea sent Bishop Hyginus Kim Hee-jong, Archbishop of Gwangju and President of the Korean Bishops Conference to speak with Vatican officials and recruit the assistance of Pope Francis in mediating negotiations for reconciliation between North and South Korea. Bishop Kim told Catholic News Agency that the mediation could […]

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