Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, The Huffington Post reports that U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan ordered the Trump administration to assist an underaged illegal immigrant in procuring an abortion. The young lady, who is in the custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement and is 15 weeks pregnant, had been trying to obtain […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, I wish to comment on the Harvey Weinstein story. At first I was hesitant to cover it at all, because I felt it was one of those stories that are more of a distraction from the truly important goings-on out there. I do, however, have a couple of things […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, the BBC reported that Laura Mesi, a 40 year old fitness trainer, became the first Italian woman to marry….herself. I suppose I am a little late to this party, as many stories of “sologamy” are showing up from last May, but let’s talk about it anyways. Mrs..Ms…Oh I don’t […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, I only have so many stories that I can cover in the course of a day. There are, most days, a multitude of stories that I cannot get to, but that I wish I could bring to you. Obviously I cannot do what a 24 hour cable news service […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, The Sun reports that London Mayor Sadiq Khan yesterday compared President Trump’s rhetoric in calling for a “total shutdown” of United States borders to ISIS’ rhetoric. The President reportedly said he would make an exception for Khan, but Khan retorted that there is nothing exceptional about him and added […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, it’s that time of year again —Oktoberfest! In Munich, Germany the 184th Oktoberfest was kicked off by mayor Dieter Reiter, who cracked the first keg of beer with a cry of “It’s tapped!” and poured a round. The festival is celebrated complete with a horse and carriage parade, carnival […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, The Huffington Post reported that Maryland couple Michael and Heather Martin of Ijamsville, Maryland were sentenced to five years probation on charges of child neglect. Their crime? They pled guilty to filming over 300 so-called, “prank” videos on their five children. During these so-called “pranks,” the parents screamed profanities […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, yesterday the nation commemorated the 16th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, when 2,958 people were murdered by Islamists in New York City, Washington D.C., and Shanksville, PA.  More Britons died on September 11, 2001 than in any other terrorist attack. The Daily Wire reports that some teachers […]

Mandeville, LA – We are committed to continuing our LIVE news coverage of Hurricane Irma and all other natural disaster events including the earthquake in Mexico and the solar flares. LISTEN to our LIVE broadcast in progress here. Post news concerning Irma and chat with our News Team here. Get the latest maps and projections from […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, UPI reported on Perry Sing, a California man who had bought some Scratchers lottery tickets and drove around with them in his car’s console, unscratched, for several weeks. When he finally got around to scratching off the tickets, he discovered that he had the winning $1 “Set for Life” […]


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