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Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, we explore law enforcement idiocy in London. The BBC reports that Andre Spicer’s five year old daughter was approached by police at her lemonade stand in east London, where she was selling cups of lemonade to Lovebox Festival goers for 50 pence. The police turned their mobile cameras on, […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, The College Fix is reporting that the University of California at Berkeley uninvited famed atheist Richard Dawkins from giving a talk about his new collection of essays entitled Science in the Soul: Selected Writings of a Passionate Rationalist. Now, while I’m no fan of Dawkins, the reason why he […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, a listener brought to my attention a call to action by America Needs Fatima, over a blasphemous play which will be running in Atlanta Georgia. The play, entitled “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told” portrays a homosexual version of the Old Testament, complete with “Adam and Steve” and a […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, this story falls under the category: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up. 32 year old David Blackmon, a drug dealer in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, went to his car and noticed something was missing. What did he do about it?  It went something like this…  [ring] “911” “I want […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, I wish to extend my prayers to Senator John McCain and his family. CNBC reports that a statement was released by the Mayo Clinic yesterday evening which read: “On Friday, July 14, Sen. John McCain underwent a procedure to remove a blood clot from above his left eye at […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, what most would consider a grisly discovery was a long awaited answer for a woman in Switzerland. As a glacier in the Alps has receded, the bodies of a man and woman have been found. The man and woman are Marcelin and Francine Dumoulin, parents of seven who disappeared […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, when contraception was allowed by law, it was said we had to have abortion for the cases where contraception failed. Well what happens when you don’t want the baby but you either can’t or just don’t abort it? Well, you just throw it out the window. That’s what now-20 […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings…we again wonder what is going on with the party of supposed “feminism,” which we really know is not pro-woman at all, but they say they are. World Net Daily reports that in the states of Minnesota and Maine, the legislatures have put forth bills banning female genital mutilation, and […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings…I have been keeping an eye on the deteriorating situation in Venezuela for some time. The people have been fighting food and medicine shortages, and have been protesting against the government of President Nicolas Maduro. Amid rumors that he is about to rewrite the constitution to do away with their […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, ABC So-Called News is in hot water with the Alliance for Defending Freedom after they grabbed a Southern Poverty Law Center Headline for their own which labeled the ADF an “anti-LGBT hate group.” If the Alliance for Defending Freedom is about hate, then so is the Supreme Court, who […]

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