Winchester, VA – Breitbart is reporting that a trial is underway in Cardiff, England, where homosexual fitness instructor turned stay-at-home-dad Matthew Scully-Hicks stands accused of murdering his eighteen month old adopted daughter Elsie, whom he referred to as, “Satan in a babygrow.” There was evidence that he had been physically abusing her for at least weeks […]

Winchester, VA – D.C. Clothesline reports that a Michigan court has granted parental rights to convicted rapist, 27 year old Christopher Mirasolo, whose nine year old son was conceived in his rape of a 12 year old girl. Yes. Detroit judge Gregory Ross awarded him parental rights after a DNA test proved that he had fathered […]

Winchester, VA – The Boy Scouts of America announced yesterday that in 2018, the organization will start accepting girls into the Cub Scouts and coming up with a program for older girls by 2019, will enable them to reach the respected and coveted rank of Eagle Scout. The New York Times reports that while “many women” […]

Winchester, VA – The Daily Mail is reporting that President Donald Trump’s justice department has given orders to the FBI to open an investigation into 65 year old disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein for sex crimes. This move by the justice department enables the FBI to determine whether Weinstein broke any federal laws. Weinstein is said […]

Winchester, VA – A scandal in college basketball is resulting in suspensions, and criminal charges for coaches and staffers on various teams. The Associated Press reports that at ten people, including four assistant coaches, have been arrested after a federal probe revealed hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to successful student athletes in order to […]

Winchester, VA – The New York Times is reporting that come June, women in Saudi Arabia will be legally allowed to drive, and not only can they get their driver’s licenses, but they will not need the permission of their husbands, fathers, or male guardians to do so. This change was announced on state television by […]

Winchester, VA – The College Fix reports that Princeton University’s campus newspaper The Princetonian has disbanded its independent editorial board after a series of politically right-leaning editorials. In two of these editorials, the women’s center was criticized for having a radical feminist agenda, and a call was made for ensuring due process in cases of sexual […]

Winchester, VA – CNN and the Associated Press are reporting that the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, Tennessee was the site of an armed attack yesterday when a masked gunman, 25 year old Emanuel Samson, a Sudanese with legal U.S. residency, approached the church as services were letting out, and opened fire, killing 39 […]

Winchester, VA – The Associated Press and NPR are reporting that Oklahoma City has opened up a criminal investigation into a police shooting which occurred yesterday in which a deaf man was fatally shot by police after witnesses yelled to them that the deaf man could not hear their commands. Police officers were working on a […]

Winchester, VA – Late Saturday night, 21 year old Scout Schultz, an engineering student at Georgia Tech University, made the fateful decision to ignore the warnings of police, and, continuing to advance towards them while brandishing a knife— going so far as to say, “shoot me!”– he was fatally shot. Schultz was the the president of […]


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