Winchester, VA – Breitbart is reporting that the California State Senate is considering a bill which would imprison people who “willfully and repeatedly” refuse “to use a transgender resident’s preferred name or pronouns” in public health, retirement or housing institutions. SB 219 also requires that the gender identity of patients be honored by admitting them to […]

Winchester, VA – Jihad Watch via the Associated Press is reporting that the Paradies Arosa hotel in Arosa, Switzerland drew fire from The Simon Wiesenthal Center for having posted a sign at their pool which read, “To our Jewish Guests: Please take a shower before you go swimming and although after swimming. If you break the […]

Winchester, VA – CBS News aired a special on Iceland, claiming that the nation is on the verge of “eliminating Down Syndrome.” “Everybody Loves Raymond” Actress Patricia Heaton took issue with the way CBS framed the situation in Iceland. The Independent Journal Review reports that on Twitter, she said, “Iceland isn’t actually eliminating Down Syndrome. They’re […]

Winchester, VA – The Daily Mail is reporting that the Mayo Clinic has released a report saying that lesbians have higher rates of substance abuse, obesity, psychological disorders, and suicide attempts than heterosexual women. They also said that lesbians are less likely to seek preventative health screenings like mammograms and pap smears. The Mayo Clinic has […]

Winchester, VA – Yahoo News reports that hundreds of white supremecists bearing Nazi symbols, torches, Confederate flags, imitation viking shields, and chanting the Third Reich slogan “blood and soil” marched through the streets of Charlottesville at a “Unite the Right” rally on Saturday. Antifa counterprotestors came out to challenge the alt-right marchers, who had been kicked […]

Winchester, VA – Rewire is reporting that student Nikki Brar is suing his former school, “Heritage Oak Private Education” for discrimination after they refused to use the name and pronoun that corresponded with his chosen gender, and forced him to wear a boy’s uniform, and utilize the little boy’s room. Yes, the little boy’s room. Because […]

Winchester, VA – The Daily Wire is reporting that a 9 year old from California named Dylan Harbin has brought out the hypocrisy in local bakers. The boy asked for a “Donald Trump cake” for his birthday but surprisingly his mother could not find a baker willing to make to make his cake. Michael Farris from […]

Winchester, VA – Church Militant is reporting that Planned Parenthood now has a “parenting resource section “on their website to help you educate, and I use the term “educate” very loosely here, to help you educate your children about their sexuality. They’re making sure to get these children while they’re young, advising parents of preschoolers to […]

Winchester, VA – The Associated Press on Monday spotlighted the Rainbow Day Camp in El Cerrito, California, a camp which serves transgendered children aged 4-12. Like other day camps, the children sing songs, make art, and play ball. AP bills Rainbow Day Camp as “a place where they can use the pronoun of their choice and […]

Winchester, VA – LifeSite news is reporting that an August 5 episode of Doc McStuffins, a cartoon about a little girl who dreams of becoming a doctor and “fixes” her toys, featured a married lesbian couple as the heads of their doll family. In the episode, entitled “The Emergency Plan,” an earthquake strikes the residence of […]

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