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Winchester, VA – Two stories appeared yesterday of Muslims helping victims of Christian persecution-by Muslims. Church Militant reports on Noor Lucman, a resident of Marawi City in the Philippines where Muslims have burned down the Catholic cathedral and taken 15 Christians hostage. Mr. Lucman, hid 64 Christians who had been unable to flee Marawi. He vowed […]

Winchester, VA – Saturday night’s terror attack in London in which 3 terrorists plowed over pedestrians on London bridge and stabbed dozens at the Borough Market brought out the heroic in civilians and police alike. A few examples: Via the Evening Standard, the BBC aired Met Police Chief Cressida Dick’s story of the herocism of an […]

Winchester, VA – Lastly, in Celestial Musings, the forces of diversity have struck again, this time in Rhode Island, where, as reported by LifeSite News via the Providence Journal, the state House of Representatives has voted to ban pro-heterosexual change therapy for minors. The bill’s sponsor, Representative Joseph McNamara, was lauded in the House when he […]

Winchester, VA – The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services has been hijacked by the LGBTQ Warriors. Mary Hasson reported in The Federalist on new policies covering sexual identity of children in the Illinois foster system. Here is a basic rundown: All staff will have their beliefs scrutinized to see if they are LGBTQ affirming […]

Winchester, VA –  In this Celestial Musings, we used to have transvestites, and transsexuals, and now we have tranimals. Florentin Felix Morin, a Ph.D. student from France, whose visit was welcomed by the University of Arizona last year, published a paper on why he…she…I can’t keep it straight…Identifies as a lesbian female hippo. Yes. Hippo. […]

Winchester, VA – Euthanasia was legalized in California a year ago on June 9th. Although official statistics have yet to be released by the state, Fierce Healthcare has given a glimpse of how significant the death toll has been since the legalization of euthanasia. Lobby group Compassion & Choices announced proudly that they have proudly helped […]

Winchester, VA – Todd Starnes reports that Manhattan public school parents were shocked and horrified when their children’s talent show, with children as young as 5 present, turned into the setting of what the New York Daily News called, “A full-on, erotic drag show complete with gyrations, tongue gymmastics and a flashed G-string.” Public School 96 […]

Winchester, VA – Breitbart reports that on ABC’s “The View” yesterday, the hosts spent over four minutes discussing the rollback of the contraception mandate. These were some of the points that were made, but don’t take my word for it. Watch the video for yourself. : People need to take responsibility for their lives, but this can […]

Winchester, VA – In a disturbing turn of events, The Associated Press reports that nooses have been spotted twice in Washington, D.C. this week at Smithsonian museums and three times in the last month at schools in the Maryland/D.C. Area. One week ago a noose was hung outside the Hirshorn Museum, and on Wednesday another was […]

Winchester, VA – has highlighted the cause of Steve and Bridget Tennes, Catholic owners of Country Mill Farm in Michigan, and regular vendor of blueberries at the city-owned farmer’s market. When they replied to a query on their Facebook page last year and stated that they do not host gay weddings on their farm that would violate […]


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