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Winchester, VA – The Associated Press reported yesterday that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Health and Human Secretary Tom Price announced the largest healthcare fraud takedown operation in American history. CRUSADE Channel News is a service of the Veritas Radio Network and is supported by listeners and readers just like you! Please consider becoming a Founder’s Pass […]

Winchester, VA – Reuters reports on a new treatment for depression which is being used to help people for whom medication is not effective. The University of California Los Angeles is using transcranial magnetic stimulation to “rewire” the brains of people who suffer with depression. In this therapy, targeted magnetic pulses are sent to the brain […]

Winchester, VA – It’s hot, dark, aromatic, and once again, shown to benefit your health. The Guardian is reporting on the results of two large studies which show that the higher the volume of coffee consumed, caf or decaf, the lower one’s risk of dying from causes such as heart disease, stroke, and liver disease. In […]

Winchester, VA – The BBC reports that Chris Gard and Connie Yates, the parents of Charlie Gard, an 11 month old struggling to survive with mitochondrial depletion syndrome, have presented a petition to the Greater Ormond Street Hospital signed by over 350,000 people, asking them to release Charlie to receive treatment for his condition by specialists […]

Winchester, VA – Reuters is reporting on a new device aimed at replacing the panic alert buttons used by at-risk individuals such as the elderly. It is called the Vevios bracelet. Graduate student Hanne Palsson from Lund University explains how the bracelet works. With 80% of safety alert alarms being false, she says that this will […]

Winchester, VA – The Huffington Post reports that allergic reactions to meat are spreading through the country. Immunologist Thomas Platts-Mills from the University of Virginia thought little of the condition in the 1990’s but after a group of people from the southeast-lone star tick country-, all on the same chemotherapy drug, manifested an allergy to the […]

Winchester, VA – The UK Catholic Herald is reporting that British doctors are planning a vote on June 27 to decide whether or not the British Medical Association should adopt the decriminalization of abortion as one of their platforms. The vote will decide whether the organization will lobby for availability of abortion throughout all nine months […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings… Today’s teenagers are said to be part of Generation Z. It is my opinion that they should be renamed Generation HD, HD standing for Heart Disease. An article from the Star-Telegram says that the results of a new study conducted by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in […]

Winchester, VA – CNN is reporting on an announcement by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that adolescent use of e-cigarettes has decreased for the first time in years. They compared survey results over six years which demonstrated that from 2015 to 2016, the use of e-cigarettes declined. E-cigarettes are battery powered gadgets which […]

Winchester, VA –  In this Celestial Musings, the term “dry drowning” has been in the news the last few days, and it being swimming season, a refresher on this condition is in order so that you might be prepeared. What are the signs of dry drowning? Water safety expert Alison Osinski told CNN that the […]


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