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Winchester, VA – The cause for women and childrens’ health received a boost on Wednesday when Pennsylvania state Secretary of Health Karen Murphy announced the closure of the Hillcrest Women’s Medical Center, an abortion clinic, after an unannounced monitoring visit turned up multiple health violations which led the department to conclude the clnic was an unsafe […]

Winchester, VA – Sickle cell anemia is an inherited blood disorder which affects 70,000 to 100,000 Americans each year. With this disorder, blood cells clump together as they move through the body, causing pain, organ and tissue damage, and other maladies. The Kansas City Tribune reports that although bone marrow stem cell transplants were recognized as […]

Winchester, VA – Now for some Celestial Musings… Is it your time when it’s your time? Or do men sometimes cause their deaths prematurely through negligence? Fox news reports on a 31 year old man who died after going into septic shock following a swim in the Gulf of Mexico. He had just gotten tattoos of […]

Winchester, VA – Writer Marta Klimek for Aleteia explains that our moods are closely tied to the foods we eat. Foods like sugar and refined grains spike our blood sugar, increasing inflammation of the nervous system and lending us to irritability, insomnia, poor concentration and memory, and also mood disorders. Eating the right foods, however, can […]

Winchester, VA– UPI is reporting that Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin has suggested that medical cannabis could be a helpful and useful treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder suffered by our veterans, and could help lower the suicide rates among them. Shulkin, a physician, said that federal law does not prevent them from looking into medical […]


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