Winchester, VA – CTV News is reporting on a Toronto man who got fed up with the city’s inability to correct a simple issue and took matters into his own hands. Adi Astl was concerned about a muddy, rocky slope at the Tom Riley Park, on which several of his neighbors had injured themselves, so he […]

Winchester, VA – News Corp Australia reports that a 3 year old Mississippi girl named Bailey Salovich has died after enduring brutal beatings from her father, 25 year old boxer Joshua Salovich, for not performing up to his standards in learning her math. He says he would quiz Bailey on her numbers multiple times a week, […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, what most would consider a grisly discovery was a long awaited answer for a woman in Switzerland. As a glacier in the Alps has receded, the bodies of a man and woman have been found. The man and woman are Marcelin and Francine Dumoulin, parents of seven who disappeared […]

Winchester, VA – UPI is reporting that an unarmed Australian woman who had called Minneapolis police to report strange noises in the alley behind her home was shot dead by one of the policemen who responded to her call. Forty year old yoga teacher Justine Damond came outside to meet the policemen at their car, and […]

Winchester, VA – Reuters reports that thousands of Illinois homeowners experienced significant damage to their residences following heavy storms last Tuesday and Wednesday which left behind 7 inches of rain, according to Patti Thompson, a spokeswoman for the Illinois Emergency Agency. Because water was continuing to pour into the state from Michigan, lake levels were expected […]

Winchester, VA – CNS News is reporting that the Associated Press has released its latest “Stylebook,” which is a terminology guide for journalists. Here are some highlights: “Abortionist” is to be avoided, because it “connotes a person who performs clandestine abortions Those who fight for unborn rights are not “pro-life” but are “anti-abortion.” Those who fight […]

Winchester, VA – ABC News reports that an active duty soldier serving in Hawaii was arrested on terrorism charges, for having conspired to provide material assistance to ISIS. The FBI says that 34 year old Sergeant First Class Ikaika Kang had been under investigation for a year, and was attempting to provide ISIS with classified documents […]

Winchester, VA – Freedom Outpost is reporting that Spanaway, Washington convenience store clerk Min Kim was sentenced to eight years in prison yesterday for having shot and killed 21 year old robber Jakeel Mason in his store in March of 2016, only a month after Kim’s wife had been shot in the stomach during another store […]

Winchester, VA – Milo Yiannopoulis tells the story on his blog of Hamza Siddiq, a Scottish-born Muslim convert from Christianity and street preacher. Mr. Siddiq, after the Manchester terror attacks, posted on Facebook, “I refuse to apologize for it or pretend I don’t know the cause,” and blamed British foreign and domestic policy towards Muslims for […]

Winchester, VA – has highlighted the cause of Steve and Bridget Tennes, Catholic owners of Country Mill Farm in Michigan, and regular vendor of blueberries at the city-owned farmer’s market. When they replied to a query on their Facebook page last year and stated that they do not host gay weddings on their farm that would violate […]

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