Winchester, VA – CNN reports that Senator John McCain was interviewed on CBS’ 60 Minutes last night. When asked if he voted “No” on the health care bill in retaliation for President Trump’s having said he was not a war hero, McCain said, “”If I took offense at everybody who has said something about me, or […]

Winchester, VA – Axios is reporting that since Friday, details have been leaking out about President Trump and the GOP’s proposed plans to revamp the tax system. Reportedly, the new tax system will reduce the top tax rate for the wealthiest Americans to 35% and it will reduce taxes on both big and small businesses. For […]

Winchester, VA – NBC News reports that yesterday evening President Trump unveiled new travel restrictions into the United States by citizens of eight countries. Five of the six original countries involved in the previous travel ban still have restrictions upon them—Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. Restrictions have been lifted on Sudan, and have now been […]

Winchester, VA – Congress is once again attempting to pass a “Repeal and Replace” healthcare bill. CNN reports that the new bill, sponsored by Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, outsources many decisions to the states, such as what to prioritize, how the marketplace should be regulated, and how the poor […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, as you probably know by now, Hillary Clinton’s new book What Happened was released this week. In the book, she laments the over two dozen women who apologized to her after the election for not voting, or not doing more to help with her campaign. “These people were looking […]

Winchester, VA – In political news, Fox News reports that President Trump displayed his penchant for deal-making-and his independent streak-yesterday when he conceded a raising of the federal debt ceiling to the Democrats to fund the government for the next three months in return for securing the necessary funds to provide relief for those affected by […]

Winchester, VA – The New York Post reports that the Commerce Department announced yesterday  that the gross domestic product exhibited a 3% annualized growth rate, which is significantly higher than the 2.7% analysts were expecting. Also of note was the job market, which added 237,000 jobs, compared with a reported 201,000 jobs added in July. Consumer […]

Winchester, VA – NPR is reporting that President Trump addressed the nation yesterday evening from Fort Myer in Virginia over his new approach to dealing with the conflict in Afghanistan. Admitting that his “original instinct was to pull out,” he indicated that “immense” security threats prevented that from being an option. CRUSADE Channel News is a service […]

Winchester, VA – Fierce Healthcare reports that 44 year old New Jersey cardiologist Apostolos Voudouris pled guilty to defrauding the Veterans Administration and has agreed to a settlement of $476,460 to resolve the government’s claims under the False Claims Act. Dr. Voudouris, on over 350 occasions between 2011 and 2015, submitted claims to the VA for […]

Winchester, VA – PressTV is reporting that Vice President Mike Pence is standing behind President Trump’s threats that he retains the option of the use of military force in dealing with Venezuela’s internal political situation. President Nicolas Maduro has come under fire for holding sham elections which have enabled him to take over the parliament, which […]

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