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Winchester, VA – Caesare de Rossi was born in the year 1559 in Naples and joined the Capuchins at Verona at sixteen, taking the name Lawrence. Having completed extensive higher studies he was assigned to work on converting the Jews and combating Lutheranism. Lawrence raised a victorious army among German rulers to fight the Turks, who […]

Winchester, VA – There is not a lot of information about Saint Paul of Saint Zoilus. What we do know of him is that he was a deacon from Cordoba, Spain who was a member of the monastery of Saint Zoilus. He ministered to the Christians who were imprisoned by the Muslims and was beheaded by […]

Winchester, VA – Born around the year 330, Saint Macrina the Younger came from a religiously illustrious family. Her grandmother, parents, and four siblings are all Catholic saints. She was engaged to be married at 12, but her fiance died before the wedding. She then proceeded to consecrate herself to Jesus as a virgin, living a […]

Winchester, VA – Patron saint of nurses, Camillus de Lellis was born in Italy in 1550.  First a soldier with an aggressive temperment and a penchant for gambling, Camillus had a conversion at the age of 25 and tried to join the Capuchins but a persistent leg injury prevented his admission. He then went to Rome […]

Winchester, VA – The French Revolution was a bloody affair for many in France, but especially for Catholic religious, whose convents and monasteries were closed during the Reign of Terror and who were forbidden from practicing their faith. The 16 Carmelite nuns of Compiegne were one such order, whose convent was closed in 1790, but who […]

Winchester, VA – Born in 1656 in a Mohawk village, Kateri was orphaned as a young child in a smallpox epidemic, of which she was also a victim, surviving with many unsightly scars. Her uncle tried to arrange a marriage for her but she had no desire to marry. She converted to Catholicism at 19 and […]

Winchester, VA – Born in 973 in Bavaria, Saint Henry II was the son of nobility, but lived his early life in exile, so he turned to the Church and was educated at the cathedral school of Hildesheim. He reigned first as Duke of Bavaria, then King of Germany, then King of Italy, and finally as […]

Winchester, VA – Louis and Zelie Martin were born in 1823 and 1831 respectively in France. Both set their hearts on a religious vocation, but such a vocation was not to be for either of them. Louis became a watchmaker and Zelie a crafter of the delicate Alencon lace. While walking on a bridge one day, […]

Winchester, VA – Born in 580 in Nursia, Italy, Saint Benedict received his education in Rome, but he was repulsed by the rampant immorality and fled, making his home for 3 years in a cave at Subiaco. He was drawn out of solitude when he was asked to be the abbot for a local group of […]

Winchester, VA – The Druz was an Islamic sect whose members in the 1860’s were making their way through Lebanon, slaughtering Christians for refusal to convert to Islam. They had already killed thousands of Maronite Christians in southern Lebanon when they made their way to Damascus and killed another two thousand. Included among the martyrs of […]


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