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Winchester, VA – A native of Flacsted, Hants, England, Blessed Ralph Milner was a husband and father of eight who died as a martyr of the English Reformation. Born and raised Anglican, he was impressed by the difference in the lives of his Catholic and Protestant acquaintances, and so determined to officially become part of the […]

Winchester, VA – Saint Peter was a humble, yet impetuous fisherman from Galilee. He first recognized Jesus as the Messiah, at which time Jesus changed his name to Kepha, meaning “rock,” and made him the steward of His coming Church. Peter, Apostle to the Jews, was crucified in Rome upside down by request, around 66 AD. […]

Winchester, VA – Saint Cyril of Alexandria is colorful character. He is a Church Father, Bishop, Doctor of the Church, and the 24th Pope, or Patriarch of Alexandria. His maternal uncle was the 23rd Pope of Alexandria and even ordained Cyril. Saint Cyril is known for the run-ins he had with others. He drove the Jews […]

Winchester, VA – Martyrs of the English Reformation, Saints John Fisher and Thomas More died protecting the integrity of the sacrament of marriage when they refused to accept King Henry VIII’s desire to divorce Catherine of Aragon. Saint John Fisher was the respected Bishop of Rochester. He sounded the warning bells to the Parliament about Henry’s […]

Winchester, VA – Born in 1568, Saint Aloysius was a spiritually precocious child. As the firstborn son, he stood to inherit his father’s high status and title, but due to his experience in the Spanish royal court, he rejected that life and studied lives of the saints to console himself. At eleven he catechized children, fasted, […]

Winchester, VA – Blessed Michelina was born in the early fourteenth century to a noble family and was married to a nobleman at the tender age of twelve. They led a shallow, indulgent existence, assuring that there was only one child, a son, born of their union. Michelina’s spouse died in the eighth year of […]

Winchester, VA – Saint Julitta, and her son Quriaqos were martyred around 304 A.D. Having fled to Tarsus, Julitta and three year old Quriaqos were recognized as Christians and were taken to the authorities for punishment. Two versions of their story exist. In the first Quriaqos was thrown down stairs and killed for scratching the governor’s […]

Winchester, VA – Born Fernando Martins in Lisbon, Portugal, Saint Anthony entered religious formation at 15. Ordained with the Augustinians, when the bodies of the first Franciscan martyrs passed through Lisbon, he was consumed with desire to join the Franciscans and evangelize the Muslims in Morocco. Upon making it to Morocco, his health declined and he […]

Winchester, VA – Wife, mystic, and mother of seven, Blessed Anna Maria Taigi was gifted with many supernatural experiences, but understood that her sanctity would be achieved by the acceptance of the duties and sufferings of her state in life. Born in Siena, Italy, in 1769, she married the pious but hot tempered Dominic Taigi, and […]

WINCHESTER, VA – Jacques Berthieu was born in 1838 to a humble French family, the second of seven children. He was a diocesan priest for 9 years before entering the Society of Jesus to become a missionary. Father Berthieu served around and in Madagascar and accepted his trials with saintly resignation. There was much seed to […]


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