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Winchester, VA – Born in Spain in 1549, Ann was orphaned at ten by a brutal Spanish plague. She was graced from youth with an extraordinary spiritual life complete with visions and revelations. Her vocation as a religious was given to her in a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and at 21 she entered the […]

Winchester, VA – A native of the Rhineland, young Saint Norbert was anything BUT saintly, even entering the religious life for worldly reasons, but Jesus had other plans. On a late night ride in a terrible thunderstorm, Norbert’s horse bucked and threw Norbert to the ground. Regaining consciousness, he asked, “Lord what do you want me […]

Winchester, VA – Saint Boniface was born around 675 in Wessex, England. From an early age he received his education at the local monastery. When he had exhausted the education there, he moved on to another monastery for more studies, and ended up being a very successful teacher. He felt the call to the missionary life, […]


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