A Canadian police offer lent a hand to a shoplifter who needed clothes for a job interview

Written by on 08/08/2017

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, at least something good has happened in Canada that we can report here. CP24 is reporting that Toronto Police officer Constable Niran Jeyanesan responded to a call from a local Wal-Mart where a shoplifting incident had taken place. The shoplifter, an 18 year old man, was attempting to steal a dress shirt, tie, and socks. As it turns out, the young man was trying to take the clothing in preparation for a job interview. Now I have to admit that I’m asking myself– What’s the difference? In the first two stories we talked about people breaking the law, people who have little (even if the little they have seems to be a bit upscale), people who we would presume are seeking a better life for themselves. The young man in this story also broke the law in the pursuit of a better life for himself. In all three stories, the police helped the lawbreakers. So why am I responding more favorably to the story about the man with the job interview than to the migrants crossing the border? I think it really comes down to a lack of trust and the fact that while it appears certain the the shoplifter actually was trying to lift himself out of his bad situation, we have no such certainty about those crossing the borders illegally. I am sure some of them really are legitimately coming from dire circumstances and are seeking to become good, productive members of society, but the vast numbers who are seeking to be nothing more than a drain on society have so tarnished the reputation of migrants in general that it is difficult to find the compassion for migrants and see each one as individuals, each one as a separate case. I am a descendent of Syrian immigrants. Legal immigrants, who came through Staten Island. We would now call their land of origin Lebanon, but at the time it was all regarded as Syria, and so that is what is on their immigration paperwork. What I know of my family history is that the women came over first, and then the men followed. This is not what we see in today’s migration. We see almost only military aged men. We see large numbers of these migrants blatantly disrespectful of the land to which they are coming, as is evidenced by the trash dumping everywhere and the high levels of crime perpetrated by them, not so they can get a job to better themselves, but crimes to get them by until they perpetrate the next crime for something else.  I suppose the musing for the day, for lack of a more eloquent message, is that crime is bad. Mercy is good. And taking advantage of a nation’s goodwill is a terrible thing to do.

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