Children in California are attending trans-camps

Written by on 08/09/2017

Winchester, VA – The Associated Press on Monday spotlighted the Rainbow Day Camp in El Cerrito, California, a camp which serves transgendered children aged 4-12. Like other day camps, the children sing songs, make art, and play ball. AP bills Rainbow Day Camp as “a place where they can use the pronoun of their choice and meet other transgender kids and adults.” Rainbow Day Camp Director Andrew Kramer explains that their camp safeguards children from the horrors of being “othered.” Rainbow Day Camp was started by former college professor Sandra Collins, who felt her transgender daugher, meaning, son who thinks he’s a girl, named Scarlett, needed a comfortable place to go to camp. Scarlett approves of Rainbow Day camp, saying he likes to be who she is and does not like to be who he is not. This year enrollment swelled to sixty campers, and according to so-called “experts,” like Diane Ehrensaft of the University of California San Francisco Child and Adolescent Gender Center (is this really a thing?) who says this is representative of the sharp increase in the numbers of transgender kids across the nation. The Associated Press makes sure to address skeptics who  criticize the idea that children so young should be able to decide whether or not they are male or female.  Parent Molly Maxwell says her son asserted his female gender as a toddler, and James Kaplan’s mother Sara also opened up about losing her daughter and gaining a son.

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