Written by on 09/13/2017

Winchester, VA – Today we open on the education front with a story sent by a listener. The College Fix is reporting that Utah Valley University is, like other colleges, implementing policies disciplining students for expressing unpopular opinions. The deans office circulated a letter to all faculty, entitled, “Recognizing and Responding to Students of Concern.” While it addressed the handling of students who were engaging in “inappropriate language,” stalking, angry outbursts, bullying, or threats of self-harm, it also said that those who engage in “concerning…communication” and vulgar language should be reported. The professor who made the letter to the faculty available to The College Fix said that the letter had been circulated a day after an administrator told faculty at a back-to-school meeting that even comments which made the university seem like a “less inclusive” institution should be reported to the Behavior Assessment team. The professor told The Fix, “I’m afraid that this Behavior Assessment Team is a bias response team in disguise,” and continued, “In the past, we have always been told that [the Behavioral Assessment Team] was for students who were a threat to physical safety…or for students who are disrupting the learning process. This year is the first time when we have been encouraged to report students for their words that may go against the inclusivity initiative or that may subjectively make someone ‘feel unsafe.’”

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