Written by on 09/13/2017

Winchester, VA – Florida is trying to pick up the pieces after Hurricane Irma swept through the state with a fury this past weekend. Some airports are open for business, and curfews are being lifted. Figures of how many are going without power abound, with the Weather Channel saying 60% of the state, and the Associated Press saying 9.5 million, or just under half of the state’s population. Over 300 people lined up outside the Publix in Naples, exhibiting various levels of frustration at the store’s delays in opening. In the Florida Keys, where 25% of the homes were said to be destroyed and 65% sustained severe damage, emergency workers struggled to account for all the victims of Irma, both living and dead, and to make sure food and water were available to those who needed them. Road crews worked hard to repair highways which were washed out or damaged, and they also checked the 42 bridges which connect the islands for structural integrity. In the city of Immokalee, residents are working hard at coming together and cleaning up. The President and First Lady are expected to visit the storm-ravaged state tomorrow.

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