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Our DC Takes On D.C. – DC McAllister

Mandeville, LA – DC McAllister is a regular guest on the Mike Church Show and one of Mike’s favorite opinion writers.

Denise C. McAllister is a journalist based in Charlotte, NC, and her work has appeared at Conservative Review, Real Clear Politics, Hot Air, Instapundit, and Ricochet. She has been a guest on Fox News, Sean Hannity Radio, BBC Radio, One America News Network, Newsmax TV, Trending Today with Rusty Humphries, WBT, KCRW’s “To the Point,” and other radio programs across the nation. Her book, “A Burning and Shining Light,” is a dramatic narrative about the life and ministry of David Brainerd. She is also a pro-life speaker, advocating for the rights of the unborn. She is a graduate from the UNC Chapel Hill School of Journalism and has worked in both print and television news as an associate producer for the morning show at WFTV Orlando, a reporter for the Orlando Sentinel/Lake Sentinel, and a news correspondent for United Press International out of the Miami bureau.


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