Reconquest Episode 42: A New Order of Crusaders. Guest: Brother Alexis Bugnolo

Written by on 09/21/2016

Brother Alexis Bugnolo is translator of the works of Saint Bonaventure, Registrar of the Scholasticum, author of the Italian language L’osservanza antica, and editor of the scholarly and voluminous Franciscan Archive (and its blog).

Following a venerable Franciscan tradition of promoting armed Catholic resistance to Islamic aggression (think Saint John of Capistrano, and Blessed Marco d’Aviano), Brother is founding a new order for the armed defense of persecuted Christians.

For more information, please see the special edition of my Ad Rem e-newsletter, A New Order of Crusaders, Seriously. (Subscribe here.) See also these links:

Saint Louis IX of France, King, Crusader, and Franciscan Tertiary

“Reconquest” is a militant, engaging, and informative Catholic radio program featuring interviews with interesting guests as well as commentary by your host. It is a radio-journalistic extension of the Crusade of Saint Benedict Center.

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