Winchester, VA – The Sun is reporting that a Russian ISIS supporter named Renad Bakiev was apprehended by Turkish police in Adana, Turkey today, for plotting to sabotage a U.S. Air Force plane. He was caught inspecting the Incirlik air base, which is used by NATO forces and has been a staging post for American operations […]

Winchester, VA – Reuters is reporting that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer revealed yesterday that the administration had discovered evidence that the Syrian Government is preparing another chemical attack on its citizens. The White House gave no specifics, but said that it appeared similar preparations were being made as happened prior to a chemical attack […]

Winchester, VA – Blessed Michelina was born in the early fourteenth century to a noble family and was married to a nobleman at the tender age of twelve. They led a shallow, indulgent existence, assuring that there was only one child, a son, born of their union. Michelina’s spouse died in the eighth year of […]

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