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The Mike Church Show 061316 Seg 3-4-Islamic Scholar Andrew Bieszad: “There Was No Crime Against Islam Perpetrated In Orlando Shooting!”

Mandville, LA – Regular Crusade Contributor Andrew Bieszad joins Mike Church and delivers the real Truth on the Orlando, FL  genocide: this was just another routine act of Muslim orthodoxy. “Nothing to see here, infidel citizen, move along!” In this shocking, revealing interview Mike asks Biesazad the question: “Andrew, was there any crime against the laws of Islam committed in the Orlando, FL shooting?” Bieszad “No, none.”

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  1. I really enjoyed Andrew’s interview. Very informative for the novice like me! He peeked my interest when he mentioned the early work called “Life of Mohammad.” I found that book free online at the website I hope to get all “learned up” so that I can better engage the Olive Garden masses who believe this like that Islam is the religion of peace.

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