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The Mike Church Show Episode 279: #FakeNews III: Trumpzilla Is MORE Terrifying Than We Ruling Elites Have Imagined, Runnnnn For The Light Carol Anne!


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Mandeville, LA – #FakeNews: The Has-Been Media Accuses Trump of Actually BEING A Russian Operative – The story that oozed from the demonic “news” outlet formerly known as CNN purports that 4 unidentified members of the Trump Campaign have been under surveillance and investigation since July for their collusion with the Russian government. The implication here is crystal clear: Trump is a Russian/Commie sympathizer who cannot be trusted so let him begin his “administration” under a cloud of suspicion that should lead to a “special prosecutor/investigator” being impaneled. In other words, stop Trump from doing what Trump has promised to do, even if that means recklessly slandering him in the process. David French offers this take on this turkey of a coup: “How can “Americans make up their own minds” when they have no ability to fact-check the allegations? The public knows nothing about the sources, nothing about the underlying claims, and has no means of discovering the truth. Buzzfeed admits that “there is serious reason to doubt the allegations.” It’s been using its journalistic resources trying to verify the claims for “weeks” and hasn’t been able to. But “Americans” can somehow do what Buzzfeed can’t? This isn’t transparency; it’s malice.” But is ANY of this substantiated by the actual facts? Are there such disgruntled Clinton/Obama hacks in the federal monstrosity that they would stoop to this level of subterfuge to preserve “progressivism’s gains”? If so, what does that say about HOW those gains were made, what good they bring about (none), when espionage and character assassination are needed to prop them up. Let’s just secede and get it over with, already.

#FakeNews II: Trump’s Special Counsel Calls BS – Michael Cohen one of the four alleged double agents mentioned above, denies that he has ever been to Prague in his life, much less been there to meet with the KGB and plot ‘Muricah’s doom.


#FakeNews III: Trumpzilla Is MORE Terrifying Than We Ruling Elites Have Imagined, Runnnnn For The Light Carol Anne! – Then comes this hyperbolic shriek of literal terror from “writer” Anita Finlay who is so convinced that the greatest injustice in human history was committed in “denying” Mrs. Clinton her rightful Rule as Empress of the Americas! Folks, you just can’t make this stuff up: “More painful is that in their guilt, craven media operatives will continue to push revisionist history to blame Secretary Clinton for their own folly. Trump’s obfuscations about his possible business conflicts, his lack of transparency, Putin association, refusal to release his tax returns, Trump University scandal, Pam Bondi pay-to-play and more have been out there for many months. But a privileged Beltway class thought it more important to burn a qualified woman at the stake rather than treat the American people with dignity by regaling them with facts. Now we will pay the price. They won’t.” Wow, how ominous, we are all going “to pay” as if we haven’t “paid” under 16 years of Obama/Clinton tyranny. Good Lord, folks, there aren’t enough people praying Holy Rosaries ON EARTH to stave off this evil.


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