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The Mike Church Show Episode 308: Yewts Are More Milo Than Chesterton


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Mandeville, LA – DeceptiCONNED: cPAC Hoisted By “Conservatism’s” Petard, It Doesn’t Care WHAT “Conservative” Means Anymore – On yesterday’s Mike Church Show I waxed on the real reasons why CPAC chose to invite Milo Yiannopoulos as their “keynote” speaker this year: they need Millennials to pack the seats and don’t care how much “Conservatism” of substance is delivered at the event if any at all. Matt Lewis arrives at nearly the same conclusion (pity him!) as did: “Yiannopoulos’s invitation was, perhaps, the logical denouement for a cause that prioritizes provocateurs over polemicists and entertainment over substance. His appearance could be seen as a microcosm of a movement that became everything it used to hate—that defines deviancy down.” Bingo. That “Conservatives” these days dod not have the terms: Just War, Mortal Sin and Scholastic Philosophy in their arsenals tells you everything you need to know about the movement. Lewis continues “No one in their right mind would pick this silly little boy” to speak at CPAC, Reagan biographer Craig Shirley told [Lewis]. “This is the first time I can recall a spoiled man child whose main purpose is self-promotion being selected as the keynote speaker at CPAC.” It has been clear to me for over a decade that the term “Conservative” was nothing more than an ad slogan, it has now grown into an ad slogan that doubles as a lifestyle for Millennials who reject modesty, decorum and the Good True and Beautiful found in The Faith.

Today’s “Conservative” Yewts Are More Milo Than Chesterton – A high-school aged reader of Rod Dreher’s writes of his experience in school with friends his age who identify as “Conservative”. They may identify with the term but they are severely misguided, here’s a sample: “That’s why all the good little Christians at my high school are falling in behind him — not because they actually give a crap about conservatism but because he’s giving angry, aimless young men whose church hasn’t given them anything solid to fall back on an alternate source of values that happens to be steeped in fascist and white supremacist ideals.” Note the slam at The Church that isn’t “giving them something solid to fall back on” as in Catechism and the modest and reverent beauty of the Traidtional Mass and the teaching that it requires. I take this as a cry for help, that the Church adults need to start acting like them and stop trying to redefine for the sake of “discovery” what has already been revealed.

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