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The Mike Church Show Episode 309: Transgender School Bathrooms? I’ll Take The Carmelites Please


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Mandeville, LA – The “Benedict Option” Relies On The Holy Name Of A Roman Catholic Saint, So Why Is The “Ben-Op” Decidedly NOT Catholic? – Rod Drehere’s new book The Benedict Option will debut next month to much controversy and fanfare and unfortunately at the expense of the work of the book’s Muse, Saint Benedict. I haven’t rad the book yet but I’ve been reading Dreher for years on the subject and he presents a misguided view of what Saint Benedict accomplished which is nothing short of the establishment of the Monastic Life and the spread of Catholicism throughout The Continent. As Brother André Marie reminds us“Saint Benedict died on March 21, standing before the altar, just after he had received Holy Communion. In his humility, he never became a priest. His life was written by the Pope, Saint Gregory the Great. The Benedictine Order, as we are told in the martyrologies of its monasteries, has given the Catholic Church 57,000 known saints. This great Order has also given the Catholic Church thirty-five Popes, of whom seventeen have been declared either Saints or Blesseds.” That Dreher, a fallen away former Catholic, is using this magnificent example of Catholic piety and humility to promote a quasi-Christian retreat from life is antithetical to the life that Saint Benedict and Benedictines have lived ever since.

Trump To Perverts Pushing Tranny Bathrooms For 8 Year Olds: I’ve Gone Carmelite – The Trump Administration has informed “the nations” school systems that they may ignore the Obama adminsitration’s “bathroom policy”issued as an edict from a A.G. turned Ober Grüben Füeher Lynch. The howls coming from the usual suspects get the impact of this move exactly backwards, for example, Nancy Haque of Basic Rights Oregon moaned “a message that something is wrong with them, which is harmful”. No, Nancy, it is harmful to tell children they may reject their natural biology, mutilate their bodies and live a lie as something they are not. The suicide rate for those “in transition” is north of 40%; why isn’t that the “harm” being discussed most? Because Moloch needs the continued increase in rejecting the Natural Order to continue and for once, “we’ve inched away from the abyss”.

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