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The Mike Church Show Episode 317: Muricah, Mobile Home of The Brave And The Moral Minority


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Mandeville, LA – Muricah, Mobile Home of The Brave And The Moral Minority – In the period that followed the evil of Roe V Wade, Evangelicals begin banding together to oppose abortion and the plan was hatched to flee the Dumbocrat Party to the GOP and through the GOP elect judges to overturn the evil. The backstop for this effort was the well-known Jerry Falwell and his “Moral Majority”. But was there ever really a post, World War II, Moral Majority? In a word, “no”, and three new books go at lengths to prove this then to propose solutions one of which is The Benedict Option. In reviewing these three books, my friend Patrick Deneen does the signal service of providing some historical narrative for the existence of the Moral Minority. Here’s a sample: “Even where religious faith persists, Christian Smith suggests that religion for many Americans is individualistic and therapeutic rather than a source of discipline and moral norms. For nearly thirty years, conservatives have triumphed politically amid a catastrophic breakdown of social and cultural norms, especially those that foster an ethic of self-sacrifice, commonweal, and practices that inculcate duty, discipline, respect, civility, and obedience.” [emphasis mine-MC] Read the whole essay, it is worth your time and the future, I believe, depends on our admission of this Moral Minority as a starting place to CONSTRUCT a new Christendom where one never really existed. Deneen nails this point. “Now, a more radical possibility is opening up. Traditional Christians now wonder if a just and righteous society must be built in opposition to a national creed that has led inexorably to libertinism.” Perhaps “Benedict Options” are not enough, we should be praying for new Benedicts and pray for the Grace to know them and follow them.

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