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The Mike Church Show Episode 318: Return To Order? Yes We Are!


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Mandeville, LA – Will Trump Add An Extra Coal-Car To The Last train To Brokesville? – I hate being right but I told you so: Congress will raise the debt ceiling on or around March 15th, making the $20 TRILLION mark look like pikers relying on Monopoly’s Community Chest to survive the game. Add in the GOP’s version of ObamaCare, Trump’s $1 trillion in new “infrastructure” ands his call to end “sequester” AND spend another $64 BILLION to keep the CIA new spyware and we are left with the question: WHY. WHY should Congress offload new trillions on our kids? WHY should Trump sign such insanity? WHY won’t the states vault into action to stop this madness by passing The Compact For America’s balanced budget amendment to the Constitution? Cue up David Simpson’s “Gloom, Despair an Agony On Me” song. Hee Haw never saw a Trillion dollar debt ceiling and now all ‘Muricans who cotton this madness are “Hee Haws”.


John Horvat, Author of “Return To Order” Was My Special Guest Today! Listen to this hour of the show for the most candid conversation about creating a Catholic ‘Murices! Listen to the stand alone audio in the preview feed.


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