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The Mike Church Show Episode 320: “What’s A 10th Amendment?”


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Mandeville, LA – Tennessee Discovers The 10th Amendment, Sues Mordor, Federal Judge Says “What’s A 10th Amendment?” – There is a funny story Kevin Gutzman tells from time to time about his experience taking an exam on the Constitution at the University of Texas law school. His prof instructed the class before the test “and remember, no matter the question, the answer is not: what is the 10th Amendment”. This, Gutzman says, is an accurate reflection on the state of American Law Schools that “teach the Constitution”: they DON’T teach the Constitution, they tach case law allegedly settled by the SCOTUS. Now comes the latest overreach by Mordor on the Potomac, forcing states including Tennessee, to accept Syrian refugees, then clothe, house, feed, educate, make them friendly to gays etc. Well, in a stroke of Constitutional genius, Tennessee has decided to dust off its Constitution and to say “how ’bout no” to Mordor and its Federal Judge’s edict and to add a Madisonian cherry to the top of their revolt, the Vols cite the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as their defense! “WHEREAS, under the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution as construed by the United States Supreme Court in … the federal government cannot lawfully coerce the State to provide funding with no real option but to acquiesce.” Before you go and pop the top on a bottle of Woodford Reserve please note that Tennessee isn’t actually challenging Mordor’s authority but more appropriately is demanding they pay for what they’ve ordered Tennessee to pay for.

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