The Mike Church Show Episode 331: Down Syndrome facing Extinction In Denmark

Written by on 03/29/2017


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Mandeville, LA – It Had To Happen: Will You Go Gay Snickers™ Or Will You Go (starving) Snickers™? – If you wished to end the population of despised humans and you were Lucifer, what might you do outside the obvious: empowering madmen to nuke entire continents; unleash biological plagues to bring The Walking Dead to life; rock-n-roll music? Nope, convince the world that there is no natural order, no supernatural order that created the natural order and therefore no authority to manage the disorder but a libertine “freedom” to do whatever one wishes. That’s what this scourge upon God and his human creation is in the world’s love affair with “gay” anything and sinfully, gay people and their acts. Now comes Snickers™ candy bars unleashing a “gay pride” bar that push[es] the message to be who you are” ; I shudder to think what some may do with the bar and the campaign, but this is the work of Moloch and be done it shall. Oremus…

Government Is Our Friend…Like Fire – It is only BIG government that we should fear not government itself, says Ahkelish Pillallamarri. After all, government built us roads and bridges and even the Great Pyramid of Giza, so make it your friend! Yeah but Man built all those things after being ordered by government to do so, they aren’t Sistine Chapels or Gargoyle architecture they are utilities. Look at the ugliness of what government actually does build; a pyramid!? A flat road? But “conservative” thinking in the west, we are told, actually makes friends of government, like fire.

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