The Mike Church Show Episode 337: Trump The Non-Interventionist & Other Fairy Tales For The Whole, ‘Murican Family!

Written by on 04/07/2017


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Mandeville, LA – DeceptiCONNED: The Era Of Nation Bombing Has Begun – In launching his macho-man airstrike against Russian targets in Syria, President Trump has completed the comedic circle that began with his escalation of rhetoric against Syria’s Assad as if the leaders of foreign states must act as though they are the ‘Murican President’s political appointees. 12 hours after learning of the strike we are learning just how irrational the whole sad saga was and yet the President is claiming victory while DeceptiCONS cheer him on: “thank you sir may I have another!” I have previously said that President Trump was wearing out his welcome with his $1 Trillion in “infrastructure spending”; calls to increase the already gluttonous “defense” budget and appointment of business pros to make government run “like a business” rather than returning to business what has been stolen by government. This tragic, lethal and illegal act is the final straw for me over 2 party, national politics and the government it uses to fleece and propagandize: I secede.

We’re A War-Like People, Just Ask Fox News – Glenn Greenwald is having none of the jingoism of USA! USA! that is seeping from the craws of American Exceptionalism’s boosters: “But U.S. war fever waits for nothing. Once the tidal wave of American war frenzy is unleashed, questioning the casus belli is impermissible. Wanting conclusive evidence before bombing commences is vilified as sympathy with and support for the foreign villain (the same way that asking for evidence of claims against Russia instantly converts one into a “Kremlin agent” or “stooge”). That the Syrian government deliberately used chemical weapons to bomb civilians became absolute truth in U.S. discourse within less than 24 hours – even though Trudeau urged an investigation…” Anyone who can turn a television or radio on can witness the drooling approval of Trump’s carnage. On soft-core porn outlet Faux News this morning, Ainsley Earhart practically leapt out of her dress when watching the “beautiful” video of our star-spangled awesomeness in the form of a launched Tomahawk missile backlighting “Ole Glory”. We are beyond being a war-like people, we are a war lusting people.

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