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The Mike Church Show Episode 338: The Era Of Nation Bombing Has Begun


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Mandeville, LA – The Illogic of Chanting USA! USA! After The Raytheon Corporation’s Stock Price Is Boosted – The reliably rational Mollie Hemingway has lost her rationality, mere weeks after marinating in the jingoistic sludge that is Fox News. Hemingway’s case for ‘Murican exceptionalism and bombing Syria back to the stone-ages is so logically flawed I have to wonder if the woman is being paid to be a war-dupe. Witness“Assad’s use of sarin gas is a clear violation of that treaty, and the norm against chemical warfare is in the American interest to uphold. The best way to stop future use of chemical weapons and other weapons of mass destruction is to ensure that the American response is severe. The response should cause significantly more damage than any temporary advantage gained by their use. Americans live throughout the world and the country wants to make sure that no Americans or American interests are caught up in the use of weapons of mass destruction.” Got that? Because ‘Muricans “live throughout the world” that makes the world our battlefield and the enforcement of treaties our mission. So “America” has earned an entitlement to use the same weapons of mass destruction anywhere it chooses to stop others from using weapons of mass destruction!? Here’s a clue: rush out and buy stock in bomb making companies now, you can’t lose.

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