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The Mike Church Show Episode 341: Maundy Thursday


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Mandeville, LA – “A [r]epublic, If You Can Keep It”, It’s 2017, We HAVEN’T Kept It – Pierre Manent (excerpt above) does a novelist’s job of trying to explain the ancient roots of the [r]epublic as Shakespeare told it in Julius Caesar and other plays for the purpose of demolishing today’s warped view of what a [r]epublic is supposed to do. Isn’t that the stumbling block we keep tripping over, competing versions of what our former [r]epublic is supposed to do? Today’s [r]epublic does not serve the purpose of the Common Good unless that Good can be defined as what are the accomplishments of the government yet this is what 84% of today’s Republicans expect the [r]epublic to do. This is exactly opposite to what the [r]epublic should do if we have eternity in mind: bring Just order to Man’s affairs and then defend that order; God handles the rest. And just how does he do that? You know the answer already, The Church.

It’s Not a PARTS Problem, It’s a BRAIN Problem – Research Claiming Sex-Change Benefits Is Based On Junk Science Caitlyn Jenner has perfected the art of cashing in on each step of gender transition. Jenner is wealthy and can cash in on celebrity, but a large portion of the transgender population remains lost and unaccounted for. Did they die, detransition, or commit suicide?  All we know is the attempted suicide rate for transgender people has remained above 40 percent for many years.

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